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Archive for July, 2013

Waka Jawaka Album

Waka Jawaka is an interesting band. It definitely has the signature surf sound, but this isn’t tribal surf or even the surf music that makes you think of catching a wave in southern California. Rather, this band’s sound is surf infused with a lounge/exotica sort of sound. There is also a little rockabilly, particularly in the song “Salon Kitty,” which is a surf-lounge-rockabilly hybrid. I can say one thing for sure. I haven’t heard many songs that would fall into that category. This band throws another twist into the mix with “Fly Me to the Jaws.” This one has a guitar solo that sounds straight out of the 70s.

This band has a really clean sound. If they hit any off notes on this album, I sure didn’t pick them up. While some surf music is perfect for a night with a bonfire on the beach, this is really more suited to a dark bar lit with tiki torches while you sip on rum drinks (umbrella optional). If you ever found yourself in such a place and this band was playing, I have no doubt you would enjoy yourself thoroughly.



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Blue Wave Theory opening for Dick Dale August 3

Upcoming Blue Wave Theory performances:
     August 3.  Opening for Dick Dale at the Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA.
     August 24.  Appearing with The Diamondheads at the 5th annual LBI Longboard Classic Surf Contest, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ.

Our brand new CD Superstorm will be available at our shows and can also be acquired from:
     Deep Eddy Records:
     DWM Music:

Superstorm is also now digitally available from:

Keep ridin' the waves!

Blue Wave Theory

The Burnin' Sands now available on Bandcamp!


The Burnin' Sands are proud to tell everyone that our music is now downloadable via bandcamp. 

Thanks and cheers!



Noble Gasses' Eric Gardner On The Tonight Show Tues. Aug. 6th

Noble Gasses drummer Eric Gardner will be performing on The Night Show with Jay Leno Tues., Aug. 6th with British rocker KT Tunstall. He's the pro's pro, and we're lucky to have him when we can. Go, Eric!


SG101 EL Caminos DYONOTONES Pre~Party

Check out one of the SG101 Convention pre-shows! The Dynotones, The El Caminos (Japan), & The VooDuo perform Thursday, August 8th, at DiPiazza's, 5205 PCH Long Beach, California.

Dutch film premiere of Storm Surfers and Surfing & Sharks at North Sea Surf Festival

Today the four movies that will be shown at the North Sea Surf Festival on September 14th have been announced. Besides the Dutch film premiere of the spectacular documentaries Storm Surfers and Surfing & Sharks the surf classics Morning Of The Earth (1972) and Crystal Voyager (1972) will be shown at the cinema during the festival.

Storm Surfers is an epic adventure documentary following two best friends on their quest to track and chase giant storms across the Great Southern Ocean in order to ride the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. Surfing & Sharks tells the story of three friends from a poor neighbourhood in South Africa still surfing in the most dangerous
surfing area in the world, even after having lost four friends and a family member to attacks by white sharks.

Morning Of The Earth (1971) tells about a group of surfers living in spiritual harmony with nature, making their own surfboards and hunting down the best waves in Australia, Bali and Hawaii. Crystal Voyager (1972) is one of the most successful Australian surf movies and is about surfer George Greenough´s quest for uncrowded waves in California. The final sequence is a 23 minute long journey filmed from a surfers perspective with Echoes by Pink Floyd as soundtrack.

The cinema program will be opened by a Hawaiian solo set by Phantom Frank, mastermind behind The Treble Spankers and The Phantom Four. El Blanco of the legendary Finnish surf revival band The Charades will also give two short performances in between the movies.

The North Sea Surf Festival is the biggest festival in Northwestern Europe fully dedicated to
instrumental surf music. The festival will feature 9 bands and this year proudly presents Lost Acapulco (Mexico), Bambi Molesters (Croatia) and Los Coronas (Spain) as part of the line up, for their first performances on Dutch soil. The festival will be opened by the winner of the Live XS North Sea Surf Battle that will be held on August 25th.

The total program of the North Sea Surf Festival is now as follows:

Crystal Voyager (1972)
Morning Of The Earth (1972)
Storm Surfers (Dutch premiere)
Surfing & Sharks (Dutch premiere)
Solo sets:
El Blanco (The Charades,Finland)
Phantom Frank (The Phantom Four, The Treble Spankers)

Oude Zaal:
Lost Acapulco (Mexico)
The Bambi Molesters (Kroatië)
Los Coronas (Spanje)
The Phantom Four (NL)
The Good The Bad (Denemarken)
Bang! Mustang! (Duitsland)
Pirato Ketchup (België)
Bevel Emboss (NL)
Winner North Sea SurfBattle (tba)

Club Rockula DJ´s
Naald & Kraak DJ´s
Amsterdam Beatclub DJ´s

Surf Guitar Icon Merrell Fankhauser Revisits Jimi Hendrix's Legendary 'Rainbow Bridge' In New Documentary

London, UK - 'Rainbow Bridge' was a peculiar 1972 film featuring Jimi Hendrix (who had died two years before) and a cast of local eccentrics using Hendrix’s music and a whole slew of UFO sightings to explore their spirituality. 41 years later, musician and filmmaker Merrell Fankhauser revisits the film to explore its message more fully. The 'Rainbow Bridge Revisited' documentary was really Maui journalist Steve Omar's idea, and Merrell and Steve produced it together. The two had fun looking up and interviewing the original cast of the 1972 Jimi Hendrix movie 'Rainbow Bridge' that was filmed on Maui. It was interesting to hear what they had to say about hanging out with Hendrix making the movie. The one-hour DVD documentary also features some great surfing and music by Merrell Fankhauser, The Space Patrol and Omar and The Wavespies. The package includes a 12-song soundtrack.

Merrell explains, “As you know I lived on Maui for 14 years and I moved there in ‘73 just a year after the Jimi Hendrix 'Rainbow Bridge' film came out. And when I moved there I met a lot of people that were in the movie, and a lot of them were hippies, surfers and cosmic people that were seeing UFOs, and they said Jimi was really into the whole UFO thing, and that there were even some hovering about when they were shooting over there. So we contacted the ones that we still knew were on Maui and we went over and interviewed them and it was really interesting what some of them had to say about hanging out with Hendrix and everything. Then we went down to Southern California, because some of them lived down there, and we interviewed a few of those, so we’ve got some really interesting interviews with an insight into some of the things that were going on with that movie with Hendrix that didn’t come out. In the original 'Rainbow Bridge', it follows Pat Hartley the actress from the Sunset Strip over to O’ahu and then to Maui where she meets all these characters, and ultimately Jimi. And the message, because of all of her travels and the way it was put together, kind of got lost a little bit in the different scenes and things. I talked to one of the guys from Warner Brothers who was in on the editing and he said that when they brought the film over it was in all of these bags and there was sand in it and they were almost afraid to put it on their machine, and had to clean it all and they kept going through this stuff and it was just a lot of hippies talking about cosmic stuff and getting high on drugs, and everybody kept saying 'Where’s Jimi, where’s Jimi? Where’s the concert' You know they were afraid they weren’t going to have enough to make the movie really good, but finally they got to the 'Concert' footage. So what we did, we kind of condensed these interviews down and we segue into some really great surfing on big waves over there, because a lot of the people that were interviewed were surfers and we have old footage of them surfing, and then we cut to surfing footage from now. I have about ten of my newer instrumental surf songs in there with the surfing, and then it goes to a couple of band performances – there were two Maui bands featured on the soundtrack: Omar and The Wavespies and The Space Patrol – the lead singer, Les Potts,  was in the original 'Rainbow Bridge' movie.”

There is more to this story, continue reading ...

The Endless Summer Surf Music Festival 2013

Los Venturas, Speedball Jr. and The Voodoo Club bookings are very pleased to announce the 2nd edition of 'The Endless Summer Surf Music Festival 2013'. This year's edition will be hold on Saturday, August 31, again at the Beach of Zeebrugge, Belgium. With the focus on quality rather then quantity we present you this year once more a selection of the best bands in the scene today. In our selection we aim for a line-up that is balanced but diverse. This year's line-up has it all!

  • EL RAY (DK) masters of hair-raising Euro-Instro-Surf
  • PHANTOM FOUR (NL) taking you on a charismatic melodic trip
  • O'HARAS (B) Our ambassadors of Power Surf-A-Billy
  • NEFERTARI (B) hip-shaking, breast-swinging, hot bellydancing

In addition to these spectacular performances: DJ's all night long, cocktails, fingerfood, and much more...

And best of all it's 100% FREE!

The Endless Summer Surf Music Festival 2013

New episode out now: Rock'n'Roll High School 101: ROCKABILLY

Hello. The newest episode of ROCK'n'ROLL HIGH SCHOOL 101 is finally out! This episode is on Rockabilly music and features interviews with:

  • Ray Campi
  • Phil Alvin
  • Deke Dickerson

Performance footage by:

  • Cowbop
  • Ray Campi
  • Wanda Jackson
  • Reverend Horton Heat

It is on Time-Warner Cable Channel 18 in the Riverside-Moreno Valley-Perris area or free on Youtube.

Icelandic surf band Bárujárn release debut album

Bárujárn was founded in 2008 after members met at an industrial showcase for corrugated iron and related supplies in Hafnir city on the wind-barren south coast of Iceland. The music was to represent the black sands and waves that is the heart and life of the booming Icelandic surfer culture. Determined to succeed in a world full of tears the band went on to whither in the ashes of their poorly rolled cigarettes through relentless unprofessionalism, constant poverty, and petty crime.

They released an EP in 2010 commonly mistaken for the crushed remnants of a grilled sandwich due to its luxurious aluminum foil wrapping. This packaging failure resulted in the frequent discarding of the EP to the trash bin at local radio stations and hence no airplay.

Theraminist Hekla Magnúsdóttir quit the band in 2011 partly because of an artistic misunderstanding but mostly due to frequent sexist remarks and the general decadence of the remaining members.

As of this writing their main accomplishments subsists of a failed make it or break it tour through the neighboring Farao islands, supporting local child star turned hot-shot Brandur Enni and getting to the semi finals in the unofficial battle of the bands.

After years of procrastination their debut album is was released the 4th of July 2013 and is available online at:

Bárujárn can be contacted through hrukkublikk(hosted at) or at