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Emilien03: What's up?
27 days ago

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11 days ago

DannySnyder: 6:30 is the best time on a clock, hands down
11 days ago

DannySnyder: I have an inferiority complex, but it's not a very good one.
11 days ago

DannySnyder: No matter how kind you are, german children are kinder
11 days ago

bigtikidude: Danny has truely morphed into Groucho Marx
10 days ago

Emilien03: Sunday Funday!
9 days ago

crumble: SGCI MMXVI
8 days ago

mom_surfing: electric beach party starts in a few minutes..........streaming at radiohattera...
10 hours ago

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Archive for September, 2011

DUKE on the internet/radio Saturday nights 8-10pm Pacific

Submitted by DUKE7734 on September 29, 2011.
Show Announcements

ok...FINALLY....this SATURDAY OCTOBER 1ST....I will be doing my SURF SHOW...2 hours of SURF MUSIC.... featuring the COWABUNGA BOX SET on RHINO mostly...AND some local bands from FRESNO...including the NEPTUNES, 2000LB BEES, AQUAMARINES (OAKHURST) and even Jim Waller and the Deltas.

its my third show since 1967.....KCSM-FM...90.9 (SIMILIAR NUMBERS)

8-10pm Pacific....Fresno State radio   90.7fm 


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PapaMobile - Surf and rock & roll band from Russia

Submitted by elmogalper on September 28, 2011.

Check out Papamobile!

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Swamp Coolers release new CD

Submitted by Matt22 on September 27, 2011.

News out from Arizona's Swamp Coolers.  Straight from Terry Keel.

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The Farfisas - Surf Far, Surf Good: Now Available iTunes & CDBaby

Submitted by noodles on September 27, 2011.

The Farfisas - Surf Far, Surf GoodThe Farfisas Are:
Frankie Farfisa: Guitar, yells
Freddie Farfisa: Bass
Philip Farfisa: Farfisa
"Big" Fredo "Daddy" Farfisa: Drums

The Farfisas formed in early 2011 on Long Island, NY by Frankie who was at that time performing with a rockabilly band named 'Hey Hey, Why Why?' and living out of a Winibago. He ran in to Freddie who worked at a local bait and tackle shop. The two hit it off and decided to form their own band.

After seeing Fredo and Philip performing as the duo 'Rude Dude', Frankie coaxed them to join what would eventually become the Farfisas. Everyone took the surname 'Farfisas' as a tip of the hat to The Ramones.

Their debut CD 'Surf, Far - Surf Good' is available on iTunes, CDBaby and other popular non brick and mortar locations.

Conceived, Produced and Performed by Rick Horvath
© 2011 OGWA Music.

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New Double Crown Records Release - Threesome "Adriatica" CD

Submitted by Double-Crown-Records on September 25, 2011.

Threesome is a new Serbian combo that delivers the sound of explosive surf punk that doesn’t care much about time or place. “Adriatica” is their debut full-length CD release, packed with 12 blistering surf rock instros, some with a slight punk/indie rock influence. There are 11 originals, plus a cover of Man Or Astroman’s “Interstellar Hardrive”.

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Surf Christmas Album Now On CD Baby & iTunes

Submitted by icebebone on September 22, 2011.

coverI have recently made my Surf Christmas album available through CD Baby and Itunes. It fun music to play during the holidays. Thanks.

 Gary Ferguson

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Clarkston Surf Fest 2011!

Submitted by MadScientist on September 20, 2011.
Show Announcements

Clarkston Surf Fest 2011

Clarkston Surf Fest 2011 is upon us!

This year, the fest will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2011, and will showcase many of the best, and most diverse surf music bands in the southeast region! This day will certainly give you just about every surf music experience that is out there!

The 2011 lineup:

Daikaiju (AL)

Aqualads (NC)

The Intoxicators! (FL)

The Mystery Men? (GA)

The Surge! (GA)

The Necronomikids (AL)

Kill, Baby... Kill! (AL)

The Monterreys (NC)

Stratogeezer (GA)

El Fossil (GA)

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The Falcons EP Collection

Submitted by Falcon on September 19, 2011.

The Falcons EP Collection CD cover

Hi Everyone!

We've just re-released Shadow Land on The Falcons EP Collection.

12 classic Falcons instros plus Apache, recorded from 1991 to 1997.

Have a listen at CD Baby!

More info:


Mike Beddoes

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Duke's Dusty Discs - New Radio Show

Submitted by DUKE7734 on September 16, 2011.
Show Announcements

My first radio SOLO radio show since 1967 or so.... FRESNO STATE KFSR.ORG SATURDAY NIGHT the 17th...8-10pm PACIFIC time.

Show...DUKES DUSTY DISCS... instrumentals, oldies, rock, some blues, rarities, trivia, and more. Let me know if you liked it or hated it...I can take it. My email:

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The TakeOffs Release 'Blue Avalanche'

Submitted by Ron-Rhoades on September 16, 2011.

Kauai, Hawaii instrumental surf band The TakeOffs have released their first full length CD 'Blue Avalanche'.

Produced by Dennis Dragon and The TakeOffs it includes nine original songs and five covers. Graphics were done by Doug "stormtiger" Paulin. It will be available through Deep Eddy Records, Double Crown Records and CD Baby. The album can also be purchased from the band themselves by sending a check for $13 and made out to:

Ron Rhoades
po box 1075
Kekaha, Hi. 96752

'Blue Avalanche' cover

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