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Archive for September, 2008

Podcast Episode #4 Is Now Out!

Episode #IV is here with The Fender IV! Lady Reverb spins a mainly traditional 60's surf show. Plus part two of our interview with The Madeira at SurfGuitar101's first convention in August. Check it out on our Podcast Page. Be sure to leave feedback in our podcast forum.

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Classic Board Surf Video

Jersey Shore Surfrider Foundation held its Manaquan Classic Longboard contest. It was a pre-1967 longboard contest with no leashes and no whining.  This was a celebration of Eastern surf and beach culture.  The waves were rather small but the stoke was high.  At noon, The Fin-Dicators played a hour set on the beach sand just 20 yards from the oceans edge.  Except for a few choice originals, most of the songs  were as old as the boards themselves.   Thanks to Dick B.  from The Aquatudes for filling in on drums and knowing all the songs!

Here is a link to the video, especially the clown division of the contest.

- Bill M.


Robbie Allen and The Sundogs October 4th

Hey everyone, Robbie Allen and the Sundogs will be at the Brookdale Inn on October 4th. Robbie Allen has had the privilege of jamming with Nokie Edwards and George Tomsco in the past. The Sundogs' drummer, Gary Christensien is a backup drummer for Dick Dale. Ironically, they first met at the Brookdale Inn when Dick did a show there. They're still a relatively new band but they put on a heck of a show. Check out the bands webpages:

Shout out to all surfers/musicians

Hey guys, 

I am a casting director looking for 4 surfers/musicians for a new scripted docu/drama show.  These guys will get to travel, surf, jam, hang out  and avoid the 9-5 lifestyle.   We are holding casting seasons in San Diego and Santa Cruz on the below dates.   You can submit your picture, contact #, location and any links to the following email address: 

If you are in SAN DIEGO and/or  NEIGHBORING SURF SPOTS --- We will be in San Diego this Monday, Sept 22nd and Tuesday Sept 23rd.    You can submit online at the above email for an appt. for Tuesday or you can find us at PB Bar and Grill on Monday from 11-5 pm.  

If you are in SANTA CRUZ and/or up the coast to San Francisco --  We will be in Santa Cruz on Friday Sept 26 and Saturday Sept 27th.  You can submit online at the above email for an appt. for Saturday or you can find us at Coconut Grove on Friday from 12-6.

If you are in other areas please feel free to submit online also for future casting sessions.

Looking for surfers all levels and/or surfers who do and don't play music.  FUN, CHARISMATIC GUYS.    This is a great opportunity.   Hope you'll submit

Have a beautiful day.

Barbara Stordahl
Stordahl and Terry Casting

thanxx fer the shouts

hayy folks

thanxx fer the birthday shout-outs


david arnson

Announcing the SG101 2008 MP3 Compilation!

I am pleased to announce the SurfGuitar101 2008 MP3 Compilation! Our 4th one! Just like before, this is a way for all members to share music, recording tips, and to just have fun. The main emphasis is fun, so please send in an entry no matter what your skill level is. Here are the rules:
  1. You must be a member of this website to submit an mp3.
  2. You may submit only 1 mp3.
  3. The mp3 you submit must not have appeared on any "official" release before. Likewise, please don't submit anything that is destined for an official release in the future.
  4. The mp3 must be 8 MB in size or less.
  5. There is a good chance the comp will end up on Therefore, you must agree to their Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, No-Derivatives) License for your mp3.
  6. The deadline for submitting an mp3 is Friday, December 19th, 2008.
I have created an Official 2008 MP3 Comp Forum Thread. Please use that thread to discuss the compilation and to get information on how to submit an mp3. Please use that thread if you'd like to find a fellow member to work with on the project. With the magic of digital recording and the internet, remote collaborations are possible. Make your own virtual surf band! Let the comp begin!

Please check out our prior compilations if you haven't seen them already: 2005 2006 2007.

Surf Rock Explosion II in Cincinnati, Sept. 19

Received from Don Schott:

My friend Guy Moore (of the WAIF 88.3 Rockin' and Surfin' Show, Saturday nites from 6 to 8 pm)and my wife Beth and I (Kokopelli Stages) would like to invite you to CINCINNATI SURF EXPLOSION 2. This will take place on Friday, September 19th on the stage of the beautiful and spacious venue (not a bar) MEMORIAL HALL which is next to MUSIC HALL on Elm Street in Cincinnati, OH.

Not unlike our last production (Cincinnati Surf Explosion 1, held back in May 2008 at the Southgate House) we are going all out to bring the finest talent and a great stage production. We are even having this event recorded by Kurtis Heinrich of One Night on Earth Mobile Recording. We want to video tape it as well. We will be projecting surfing images onto a 12 foot projection hoop with colored lighting while the bands are playing. There will be hula and Polynesian fire dancers. Downstairs there will be a small (with intention to grow) village of tiki artifacts, custom culture and rockabilly stuff along with unusual merchandising and food and drink. Sure you will be able to get a beer as Budweiser Light is one of the SPONSORS along with Cincinnati City Beat free press.

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Neptunes Disk Out NOW!!!!!

Davy Jones' House Band Is now available!


“The Neptunes are one of my favorite instrumental bands around today.”    Eddie Angel - Los Straitjackets

How would you describe Neptunes sound? The Neptunes are considered a surf band by many, but it's a surf band that’s light on the reverb, and delivers a meaner more revved sound that’s closer to good ol' instrumental rock and roll.

Over the years the Neptunes made a name for themselves by playing double necked guitars, even Guitar Player Magazine and Fretboard Journal devoted a little ink to the bands double-double set-up. As of recently a second guitar, a saxophone and a full-time bassist have been enlisted, and a new version of the band has taken form. While the Neptunes don’t rule out double-necks in the near future, for now they will only use one set of hands at a time.

This album represents a nine year stretch between disks, and a lot of things have changed. Basically,  it’s a band of guys who like bad-assed tones played through the equipment of the early 60's. That pretty much describes the Neptunes sound. See what you think! We hope you enjoy, Davy Jones’ House Band.

Tom Walzem (559) 225-1802