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DannySnyder: I have an inferiority complex, but it's not a very good one.
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DannySnyder: No matter how kind you are, german children are kinder
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Archive for September, 2007

Munsters Theme Tab

Submitted by NicholausLee on September 28, 2007.
I'm not sure how accurate this is, I got it from "", but it sure is fun to play.

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The Thunderchiefs: Drag-N-Fly

Submitted by Brian on September 23, 2007.
Featured Videos

Wow! Check out The Thunderchiefs live in Spain during the 8th High Rockabilly Festival, Sep. 2007! This is their song "Drag-N-Fly" from their first CD "Dig" available on Wormtone Records.

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3rd Wave Flashback: Interviews at Cosmik Debris

Submitted by Brian on September 17, 2007.
Jeff "Bigtikidude" tipped me off to a two part "Surf Summit" interview from the October and November 1995 issues of the email-zine Cosmik Debris. They are archived here at

Cosmik Debris October 1995 - Part 1

Cosmik Debris November 1995 - Part 2

They contain interviews with a veritable who's who of the 3rd wave of surf music: Dave Arnson, John Blair, Todd Damnit, Joe Emery, Ferenc Dobronyi, (Halibut) Rick Johnson, Mel Waldorf, Allen Whitman, Pepper Wilson, Bernard Yin, Bob Dalley, Rick Escobar, and Phil Dirt.

Check them out for an interesting snapshot of the mid-90's surf scene!

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Announcing the SG101 2007 MP3 Compilation!

Submitted by Brian on September 17, 2007.
Site News
I am pleased to announce the SurfGuitar101 2007 MP3 Compilation! Just like last year and the year before, this is a way for all members to share music, recording tips, and to just have fun. The main emphasis is fun, so please send in an entry no matter what your skill level is. Here are the rules:
  1. You must be a member of this website to submit an mp3.
  2. You may submit only 1 mp3.
  3. The mp3 you submit must not have appeared on any "official" release before. Likewise, please don't submit anything that is destined for an official release in the future.
  4. The mp3 must be 8 MB in size or less.
  5. There is a good chance the comp will end up on Therefore, you must agree to their Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial, No-Derivatives) License for your mp3.
  6. The deadline for submitting an mp3 is Friday, December 14th, 2007.
I have created an Official 2007 MP3 Comp Forum Thread. Please use that thread to discuss the compilation and to get information on how to submit an mp3. Please use that thread if you'd like to find a fellow member to work with on the project. With the magic of digital recording and the internet, remote collaborations are possible. Make your own virtual surf band! Let the comp begin!

Please check out our prior compilations if you haven't seen them already: 2005 2006.

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Slacktone: The Bells of St. Kahuna

Submitted by Brian on September 15, 2007.
Featured Videos

Welcome to the first entry in a new article category: Featured Video. There are so many great video clips of surf bands out on the web I thought I would create this category to showcase them. I'll run a video selected by our crack editorial staff every week or so.

First up we have Slacktone playing "The Bells of St. Kahuna". This was a combined production effort from members Tim (HBKahuna) and Tom (tdsurf). Great job guys! I also want to thank Tom for making the cool topic icon for this new category. Let 'er rip Slacktone!

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Los Straitjackets Contest from Yep Roc

Submitted by Brian on September 14, 2007.
Surf Scene News

From the Yep Roc mailing list:

Enter to win the "Turtlenecks Required" Los Straitjackets Photo Contest!

Big fan of Los Straitjackets? Remember the days when Jimmy Lester banged on the drums and Pete Curry shredded on the bass? Well, go to the attic and dig up your live concert photos from those days!

Send your live concert photos to by October 3rd and your picture may be selected to be used as the artwork for the upcoming Los Straitjackets DVD (out early '08)!

The grand prize winner and five others will receive a Yep Roc Los Straitjackets package, which will include the entire Yep Roc Records catalogue from Los Straitjackets, autographed by the band! 

Remember: If they aren't wearing turtlenecks and it's not a concert, the photo doesn't count!

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Colorado Slacktone/Get Three Coffins Ready Show Review

Submitted by curbsurfer on September 12, 2007.
Show Reports
(Editor's note: this was posted to the Slacktone Yahoo Group by

Colorado enjoyed its first ever Slacktone show last night. The show was opened by local instrumental band "Get 3 Coffins Ready". 3 Coffins played a nice set of reverbed, surf-y instrumentals with a bit of a Link Wray-ish rebel vibe. This was my first time seeing them, I thought they sounded great and kicked off the evening nicely.

Slacktone started off with "Coffin Closer" and flew through another couple of songs in quick succession. I've see Sam with Dick Dale a few times, and Dusty with DD a few years ago and also recently with Agent Orange, but I think they were playing last night with more energy than I've ever seen (not easy to do in this thin air!). Those in the crowd who hadn't seen Dusty before couldn't believe their eyes and ears; after a few songs were played some guy from the crowd jokingly yelled "play faster!" which brought a laugh from those around him and a smile from Dusty.

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Go-Kustom Records looking for surf bands for a compilation.

Submitted by Retroactive_Taj on September 05, 2007.
Surf Scene News
Compilations are a great way to get your music out to a large number of people. Recently our band was put on a compilation and it has boosted our internet sales! Go-Kustom Records, from Washington, is looking for surf bands to release a compilation as soon as they get enough bands for the CD. Our band, Retroactive Gamma Rays, has submitted a song for the compilation already. There is no cost to be on the compilation! You just need to send in your songs. I spoke with the label owner recently and he told me he has only had five bands submit for the CD. There is a very good chance to get on this comp. as he is looking for at least 10 more bands. Go-Kustom is a great indie label with CD distribution through Hep-Cat Distro.

Go to:

and click on Go-Kustom Records (The label also has T.V. & makes indie movies) and contact D.A. Sebasstian.

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Mighty Surf Lords Upcoming Show Dates

Submitted by MightySurfLords on September 01, 2007.
Show Announcements

Hey Everybody,

Chances are we will be playing a show near you!

  • September 8th-  Satellite Lounge - Reno Nevada - Beach Boys Endless Summer Party - 9pm
  • September 15th- Reno Music Project Showcase - Reno Nevada -  7pm
  • September 21st- Loose Moose Saloon - Reno Nevada - 9pm
  • October 19th & 20th- Oregon Surf Nights - Portland/ Lincoln City - with The Retrospective Gamma Rays
  • November 2nd- Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas - 11pm - with Thee Swank Bastards , Apollo 14 ( fourth band tba )

Keep checking back for updates, new show listings, and progress on new CD coming soon!

"Praise The Lords!"

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Hawaii - Five 0 - The Ventures

Submitted by Spud on September 01, 2007.
An interpretation of Hawaii Five - O

"Book 'em Dano"

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