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Archive for November, 2007

New at - Downloads!

(From Paul Johnson's email list... - BN)

Friends and guitar music fans ­

Just in time for Christmas, we've gone live with a MAJOR SITE UPGRADE at Now you can DOWNLOAD your favorite tunes and albums! It¹s quick, easy, and cheap; and its available on over 200 (!) of my tunes, many of which have been unavailable for purchase until now.

Online purchase of "real" CDs is still available too!...

We have several other new surprises for you here as well, and some great GIFT IDEAS to help you make short work of your holiday shopping. Please come by and see all our new toys!

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No snow yet...but Lots of Surf

December 2007 is fast becoming a hot month for surf in the northeast, starting with
THIS Saturday December 1, 2007 10 pm Unsteady Freddie's Surf Rock Shindig
Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 E. 14th Street, NY, NY (
w/ Blue Wave Theory, The Tarantinos/NYC, The Outpatients and Strange But Surf
Check out one of Freddies many pages: or
Did I mention its FREE!! just 21+ please
Two weeks away on...

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Danny Morris

Listen to Danny Morris on "THE BIG SHOW - DAWN PATROL" each Saturday morning 6-8am on WFIT 89.5 from Melbourne, FL and streaming live at

Danny plays tunes new and old inspired by the sun, sand and surf with a bit of surf and rock-n-roll history tid bits thrown in.

Check out Danny's website for info on his touring surf-rock and blues band based in Cocoa Beach, FL.



Beach Rock Wrap Up

Big Blue Beach Rock Thank You To All

Thank you to all the bands, The Aquatudes, The Clams, The Knuckledusters and Big Fat Combo, for putting on such a great show last night,Nov. 17, at the Zen Bar in Farmington, CT . The turn out was phenomenal and the music was equally spectacular. Many hugs & kisses to Rockabilly Willy, Bobby D, Perilous Cheryl, Joey Zone, Joey the doorman and most of John Carlo, the owner of the Zen Bar for just being such a great guy.

The music started with The Aquatudes rippin' up the reverb playing both originals and classics. Tom, Dick & Fred are so tight you would never have guessed this was their first appearance as a trio. The Knuckledusters brought down the house when they hit the stage. The saxophones and the vocals blended well with an incredibly powerful bass & skins combo. Together, this five member band from Boston, got the fans in the club a hoppin' and a boppin'.

Next up, Big Fat Combo, who opened with Folsom Prison Blues. This set the stage for a full dance floor for the next 45 minutes. Who could sit still when BFC plays? No One! Closing the night, The Clams. They were stripped down trio with a new bass player, Scott to his family, but to me, he's smokin'! The night ended the night much like it began, reverb-erating and wet. I love when the Clams just play it & say it like it is, surf, plain and simple. No vocals needed when you have musicians like Dano, Brain and S'clam (Scott + Clam = ...)

And if the music wasn't enough for you, we also gave away 5 raffle prizes that night, including 4 tickets to the next show which is...

Saturday, Dec. 22 @ 8 pm - Holiday Rock w/ SPF-4, Slick Fitty, 9th Wave & Jason James & Houserockers

check out the poster at or go to

Retroactive Gamma Rays CD now available online

Recently a major galactic event has occured in the Pacific Northwest, a gamma ray burst larger than any in the last 50 years. Scientists believe the event occured the moment a NW surf band known as "Retroactive Gamma Rays" released their debut CD. The Retroactive Gamma Rays self-released debut CD, "Activate!" is now available online.

Twelve songs are available on RGR's, "Activate!", along with sound effects and sound clips from cult classic movie favorites like Hot Rods to Hell, Repoman, The Day The Earth Stood Still and more. Clint Beachwood from A Day at the Beach says, "Great CD!!". Speakeasy, the eighth track from the album, was the first song played on Clint Beachwoods November 15th radio show. More songs from the recently released CD are currently playing on Retroactive Gamma Rays myspace page here,

The CD is now available at a number of online CD purchasing portals, including, Double Crown Records mail order and Deep Eddy Records mail order. Below are links to the three websites were you can purchase the CD.

For those of you wondering how this natural occuring event may effect the Great Northwest, and the world, most experts believe,"The only side effects will be increased foot tapping and stereo volume knobs being tweaked to the left slightly more that usual, but everything should pretty much stay the same." These effects, however may ultimately be perminent and spread throughout the world according to speciests in the field. In response to this forever changing release by the Retroactive Gamma Rays Retroactive_Taj responds, "Buy it.". Well put Taj, well put.

SG101 T-Shirts For Sale!

Well, we are finally open for business. Please check out the SG101 Store to purchase the t-shirts designed by our very own SurfBeatnik, also known as Duff from The Torquays! I want to thank member mom_surfing, aka Carol, for suggesting the idea, making the order, and doing the shipping from her surf shop in North Carolina! Thank-you Carol! You rule!

We are a bit low on the Oceana shirts already, so place your order fast if you want one of those. Also, I've never tried to sell anything like this before, so go easy on me. If you have any questions about your oder, don't hesitate to email me at Thanks and enjoy your shirts!

The 'Verb

I'll confess, when I first heard it, i didn't think I would really like this album. I don't know, it just seemed so . . . "different". But then after giving it a few more listens, I realized that the inventive melodies and irresistable hooks had already begun working their way into my subconscious. Unexpectedly, through the day a tune might pop into my head and be playing in the back of my mind. You know the feeling? I'd think, "now where have I heard that? . . . some classic 60's song I've heard a million times?---No, wait . . . it's from the 'Verb album!".

That's when I knew I was in trouble. Almost without exception, the albums I now find I can't live without have affected me this way, and The 'Verb's "Reverberated For your Pleasure" is now in that catagory.

This album is almost epic in its scope, and ambitiously conceived. These are finely crafted pop compositions that almost masquerade as 'surf' tunes. To be sure, many do fall very solidly into that genre. Fans of dripping reverb, glissando and surf beats (and aren't we all?) will have plenty here. But there is also so much more going on. The sheer volume of melodic content is astonishing. The 'Verb apparently have ideas to burn and seem to lavish them more generously on a single song than some bands do on an entire album. Often I get the impression that these are instrumental versions of songs that originally had lyrics. To listen to this album from beginning to end is to be taken on a "musical journey" (if you'll pardon the cliche) through a mini history of modern instro/pop music. Yet while I think I can detect influences, they are so filtered through The 'Verb's unique approach that they are transformed into something new. Here are some song by song impressions:

There is more to this story, continue reading ...

Laramie Dean CD release party at the Mai Kai Ft. Lauderdale!


Laramie here to announce that I will be releasing my latest recordings on November 23rd at the Mai Kai. The cd includes 9 tracks recorded in June of 2007. The other 3 tracks are live, 1 track as a trio, featuring Dusty Watson, my bud who got me the job with Dick Dale. This show was impropmtu, my scheduled drummer could not make it. Dusty was like, "Lets do it! "I was opening for Agent Orange in Miami Fl and it was a great show. Miami Ink was filming and there was over 650 tickets sold, plus at least 5 other bands opened up!  A really fun show. Dusty is totally rad. Joe Queer introduced me to him almost 10 years ago, and we have been buds ever since.  I am hoping we can tour together next year.

The last 2 tracks were recorded live at the Drive Invasion in Atlanta GA. That show was great! This line up is a 4 piece, and the songs here we did not re-hearse together. I did  them last minute because my reverb tank crapped out, and every one was sort of expecting my old school surf punk sound anyway. So the fuzz really got people pumped! 

The album art was done by one of my newest buds in Miami, El Rey. I told my bass player I wanted a Rick Griffin style artist and he set me up with this kid. I met with him, and two hours later he emails me this work of art! I love it! He really killed it in short notice.

I hope to see all the South Florida Surf Punks at the show at the end of the month.



Twin Tones - Nación Apache - Album Review

Well this time I will be reviewing an album I like a lot by one of my favorite bands. First off Twin Tones is a band from México City, D.F., Nación Apache is their first album but there's also another one available titled Salón Chihuahua.  I bought this album about a year ago at one of their shows. It's got 12 themes and every single one of them is absolutely worth it. It's one of those albums that don't have any weak spots. Their style is a very interesting mix of Classic Instrumental Surf, Spaghetti Western, Country, Polka and Norteñas. You can hear very clean guitar tones with lots of twang(I know a lot of you hate the term "twang" but it's there and it sounds great). They included samples of old Western movie dialogues, which is a really important part of the  album's whole Western atmosphere. They invited several guest musicians to play various instruments for the recording of this album which include: accordion, trumpet, a violin and other interesting things. Although I like the whole album my favorite themes are "Bandidos", "Nación Apache", "A 10 Pasos de la Muerte" "El Mexicano"(this one has a really cool organ on it) and "Doroteo Arango" which is very Tex-Mex.

Check out this great band, you won't regret it.

You can reach the band at or you can visit their website at

Mr. Green