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Permalink The Astronauts - Surf Hits Recording Locations?

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Now THAT'S an interesting A-Nauts twist.

Hey Tuck, ponder the Boulder phone book and maybe chase down the good Bob Demon. Being the oldest on in the group at RCA time, he probably could really tell us a lot of cool info.

I bounced emails with him about ten years back but I'm sure the address I have is no longer valid. He seemed like a really great fellow.


Traditional........speak softly and play through a big blonde amp. Did I mention that I still like big blonde amps?

Another link with a bit about Rich Fifield:

I imagine that The Astronauts are hugely influential for a lot of the good folks on this forum and I find its a little disheartening to think about one of my guitar heros living out of his car. Sad

I would gladly pay Rich Fifield for some guitar lessons - I still can't figure out how to play "Firewater" properly!


Gypsy Moonshine on Reverbnation
Gypsy Moonshine on Facebook

Any one know who produced the RCA album with Baja? It sounds so different from the Astronauts other stuff. Makes me wonder if it was the wrecking crew. After all Baja was written by Jack Nitzsche who was a great Arranger and Producer in his ow right. Bob Lind and Neil Young owe much of they careers to him and he worked with Phil Spector which is where the wrecking crew connection comes from. Jack Nitzsche aso had a Surf hit on his own called Lonely Surfer. During that era it was not uncommon for a studio group to record on the Albums. RCA may have had the "hit" and some other tracks befor they ever signed the Astronauts. That is why they wanted a Surf Group. This is conjecture on my part but......

Um Baja was written by Lee Hazelwood,
not Jack Nitzsche.


Al Schmitt recorded the album as well as the other lps. For detailed informations check out Stephen McParlands books, especially Surf Music USA. website:
Obviously no session musicians were used.

Stephen was the editor and main writer for his magazin "California Music"
for which also John Blair, (later on) Bob Dalley, Ruyichi Tanaka, Kingley Abbot and myself have tried to collect as much informations as possible and puiblish it is articles about the groups and music of the past golden decade.
This started in the late 70s of the 20st century.
Geez, how old have I grown ...and still like good surf music!!!

As John told me some time ago, "we know each other for more than 30 years, isnĀ“t that unbelievable?" Yes it is John, as I am not a musician but merely a surf music collector.


One rabbit-trail in a thread leading to another (2 or 3)...
in case someone finds the 1st page of this and/or goes looking for Bob Dalley's book, HERE is the link for the current 3rd edition. A must-have.

SoCal ex-pat with a snow shovel

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