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bigtikidude: Who’s coming to SG101?
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Jojobaplant: Second Magnatech album on Sharawaji in a few weeks on CD and Vinyl!
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The Pyronauts had the pleasure of having The Deadbeats open for us last night at the G Street Pub in Davis, CA. We told them to bring it, and they brought it. They played loud, hard, and fast. Broke strings, screamed the song titles due to a broken mic, and kicked some serious ace!

The Zanti and Ben sound like they've been playing together for years! Abraham lays it down nice and low! Jonathan plays with such speed and precision! Together they equal fun to watch and great tone!

They played a mix of originals and awesome covers by many of our favorites! Ghastly Ones, Satan's Pilgrims, etc.

Seriously though, it was very refreshing to play with these guys. They bring it. Look out at the KFJC Surf Battle in May as they definitely raise the bar for whatever band(s) follow them!

The only thing missing from the show last night was a recording! These guys need a CD, like, yesterday. I'd buy a copy for sure!

Here Here! We're proud to have The Deadbeats representin' East Bay Surf.:thumbs-up:

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF

"With great reverb comes great responsibility" - Uncle Leo

Hey Paul thanks for taking the time to write a review of our set. We really enjoyed ourselves at this gig. Had fun, broke strings, played with out of tune guitars :lol:, and a crappy Mic, but it was a good time. We really enjoyed seeing you guys play, and the crowd was diggin' it too. A bunch of drinking it up and having a good time. Unfortunately I was kicked out of the Bar half way through your guys set. But at least we still got to see you guys play for a bit. Once again thanks for having us open for you guys, we had fun!

The Deadbeats

yeha Fun show indeed! we really enjoyed playing with The Pyronauts, Super cool guys! we only got to hear half their set or so because we got kicked out but they had me all the wya through it very entertaining show they put! totally forgot to say bye afterwards , we had to leave fast. but yes thanks for having us play with u guys!


Thanks Paul! I had a great time at the show and I'm really glad people enjoyed our set. The Pyronauts were a blast to watch and put on a great show and a good time. It was a wild night--I think they broke every second piece of equipment that was on stage. Laughing And they got plenty of people up and dancing (where were they during our set?? :?) Plus, Brett's giant blood blister was one of the most hideous things I've ever seen in my entire life. My guess is you could see it from space it was so big. Puke Afterwards, we all hung outside and watched people stumble through the parking lot, drunk guys trying to teabag each other on the sidewalk, and girls flashing passing cars (the same girl who pulled me onto the dance floor and apparently danced with Doug Snyder while we were outside). Fun! Thanks again to the guys for letting us open for them!

Also, my friend Jimmy took a small handful of photos of our set, approximately none of which are interesting, but what the hell...



Thug life:

Wooza, did you get your college buds to come out? If so, what did they think of surf music?

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Last edited: Apr 06, 2009 09:26:35

haha i forgot i was wearing a hat that night... haha keeping it Gangsta!!!! hahahaha


Wooza, did you get you college buds to come out? If so, what did they think of surf music?

Yeah a good handful of my friends came out, which was cool. And actually, it seems like everyone genuinely dug it, which is even cooler. I was trying to scope out and see who was just being polite, but I think they actually enjoyed it legitimately. I haven't talked to too many of them since Friday, but one friend (the guy who took the photos) said that he thought he knew what to expect having heard me practicing these songs at home a bunch of times, but that with the whole band there he was really blown away by the full sound of it. I was definitely glad to hear that.

Unfortunately most of my friends left soon after our set (maybe they were mostly being polite...) but one friend in particular stayed behind because she and her boyfriend were diggin' the hell out of the show so much. He said he had never even heard of surf before but was really enjoying it enough to stay. Promising...

haha i forgot i was wearing a hat that night... haha keeping it Gangsta!!!! hahahaha

Hardcore... but wait what the hell is Abraham doing with that bottle? Whack

what the hell is Abraham doing with that bottle? Whack

hahaha he told me he was goin for a christian rock pose or somethin like that...... what the hell IS he doing with that bottle? Laughing But anyways thanks a ton Paul for having us open for you guys and tell Tim he kicked ass Worship


(defunct) Thee Jaguar Sharks

Plus! Other stuff not surf:
Enjoy every minute

Thug life:

Cool I yes, this is my Christian Rock pose just for Jake. Oh and I wasn't doing anything with that bottle, gets your minds out of the gutter!

The Deadbeats

sounds like a cool show,
wish I could have been there.

wait Doug was dancing with a chick.
stop the press!

wish I could see a pic of that.


Doug said he wasn't dancing with anybody , that it was Ben.
fes up Ben,
whats the low down?


Agreed.. surf thrashers unite.

Doug said he wasn't dancing with anybody , that it was Ben.
fes up Ben,
whats the low down?

Well that's what I heard about Doug. We were all outside when it supposedly happened. One of the Pyronauts told me, but I forget who exactly. Maybe the chick was just pulling moves on Doug (she was all over plenty of guys that night) or maybe the guys were just messing around. Maybe I'm too gullible. Either way, I got pulled on to the dance floor for a couple minutes. It was kinda weird. I never expected to be grinded on during a surf song. Shocked

never look a gift horse in the mouth.


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