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I'm a guitarist and have recently decided to learn the surf style of playing, but due me being new to the surf scene I'm not very well acquainted with the artists to listen to and then learn their songs. I know of "The Beach Boys" "Dick Dale" "The Ventures" "The Original Surfaris" and "The Surfaris" I would really like to get into these bands more as well as others so all suggestions are greatly appreciated in regards to songs, albums, artists and basically everything else that pertains to surf music.

The Lively Ones: Surf Rider album, can't go wrong there. Welcome to the site.

I also like to think that all early 60's fender equipment is happy to be playing surf music again. After all, its the music it was meant to play.

Thanks for the quick reply Kman1, I did some youtube research and found that I have heard those songs and never knew who played them, I'm definitely going to have to get that album.

It's a great album, and the Surf Rider isn't that hard. You should try and learn it.

I also like to think that all early 60's fender equipment is happy to be playing surf music again. After all, its the music it was meant to play.

Got iTunes??? Download the SG101 podcasts and the Coconut Wired podcasts. listen to them many, many times...then play them again. Plenty of artists to choose from. Work in an office, or on the computer a lot? Go to, and look up Devlar Surf Sessions. (heard he was quitting, but as of Christmas eve it was still streaming for free) Buy any album available from the members of the forum.


"You're done, once you're a surfer you're done. You're in. It's like the mob or something. You're not getting out." - Kelly Slater

The Luau Cinders

Search on YouTube for:

The Madeira
Pollo del Mar
Insect Surfers
Atomic Mosquitos


"You're done, once you're a surfer you're done. You're in. It's like the mob or something. You're not getting out." - Kelly Slater

The Luau Cinders

A must have I recommend starting out with this comp called The Birth of Surf to learn the basics, old skool this disc is packed Rock

Welcome to SG101!

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Thanks a lot Staredge,
The SG101 podcasts are great, as are the Coconut Wired podcasts, and Devlar Surf Sessions would be great were they not going under at the end of the month =(
And the artists you recommended are great, I can't believe i didn't get into surf music until now because I've been missing out

Also thanks diceophonic for the cd suggestion, it's on my list. There's some really great stuff on there.

I really appreciate the help, SG101 is by far the friendliest forum I've ever been a part of.

this is the masterpiece of surf music


go for it !!

El Papu & los Fantasticos Reverberantes

and this one too


El Papu & los Fantasticos Reverberantes

Welcome aboard. You have indeed found a great bunch of people here on our forum. Sure we have our moments Rolling Eyes but I think far less than most forums.

You've got plenty of bands listed already to get started on. As you work your way through the forum and our archives, you'll come across tons more. Figure out what styles within the genre you really like and ask for more specific recommendations.


Danny Snyder

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Pick up some comps of first-wave bands, like these:







That was excessively violent and completely unnecessary. I loved it.

I am surprised by the vast number of replies I've recieved, and all suggestions have been great. When I posted this I expected to receive maybe 2-3 replies today and that is obviously not the case, it's almost overwhelming.
Once again thanks for the suggestions and I am really glad I found SG101.

I'm stickying this thread.

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

This is also a good compilation of first wave bands (on Rhino Records) though you may already know many of these songs and bans.


(defunct) Thee Jaguar Sharks

Plus! Other stuff not surf:
Enjoy every minute

Thanks jagshark, that's got some great songs on it, Your band is pretty good too.

I'm still a relative newcomer to this genre myself, but I found two free online services invaluable in my explorations, Pandora and Last.FM. They both basically recommend artists based on artists you enter (well, it's quite a bit more sophisticated than that, but you get the gist). For instance, enter "Dick Dale", and it will create a custom station- then if it plays something you really like, give it a thumbs-up (or heart), or even create another station and mix the two. It gets better at recommendations with time if you provide feedback. Especially cool if you own an iPhone... both have apps, and you can just crank them in your car or on the go. (I recommend Last.FM a little more though for the iPhone- you can visit your profile and see what was played very easily, unlike Pandora.)

Also, AOL Radio has a pretty decent Surf-Rock station, which again can stream to your internet-enabled device.


morphball, thanks for the tips, I have been using Last FM and Pandora for while now and they are invaluable resources to me and I'm sure many others and while you may not have been able to help me I'm sure others that stumble across this thread will see the value in them.

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the "Cowabunga" Surf CD set (4 cd's) is a great introduction to surf. You'll probably have to go to ebay to get it.

Also, concentrate on your own individual tone that still has elements of surf. Tone is king in surf (my opinion)


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Smile How about these for some good listening?
image image
image image
image image

The Deadbeats

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