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2nanfer: Guys asking for help bc of quantine, 144 days ago. Uh-Oh
344 days ago

sysmalakian: Surf's up!
342 days ago

taku: sale
257 days ago

Skiltrip: SurfyBear is Life
249 days ago

sysmalakian: HEY
121 days ago

BearJW: Hey groovy people!!
120 days ago

ProfRadar: SurfyBear compact
95 days ago

dp: stuffing, turkey, pie!
54 days ago

ozboomer: Are we doing a Members Compilation this year?
50 days ago

sysmalakian: My new vinyl is available now!!!!
23 hours ago

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The top 101 countdowns on NSSR


bigtikidude wrote:

The top 101 countdowns on NSSR

A fine choice!

Home of Surf & Twang


Ventures Christmas Album, of course

merry Christmas everyone

NSSR! Will listen until the very end!

The Kahuna Kings

Me To!! I'm going to miss NSSR

David Crosby - "Laughing"

David Crosby – vocals, guitars
Graham Nash – vocals
Jerry Garcia – pedal steel guitar
Phil Lesh – bass
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Joni Mitchell – vocals

I thought I met a man who said he knew a man
Who knew what was going on

I was mistaken, only another stranger that I knew

And I thought that I'd found the light
To guide me through my nights and all its darkness

I was mistaken, only reflections of a shadow that I saw

And I thought I'd seen someone who seemed at last
To know the truth

I was mistaken, only a child laughing in the sun

Ahhh, in the sun

The neighbor sawing wood.


I had a Vara-tones fest at work today. I feel better.

bent playing for benter results
Do not attempt to adjust your TV set.


new ep by Lester Square.

gorgeous opening song, "Pointe du Raz."

Margaya by the Fender Four

new Game Theory record.

While foraging through YouTube for fun surf nuggets I was entranced by this surfy version of Space Oddity by The Neanderthals which is a side project of the guitar player in Los Straightjackets.

Squid From Madrid - New Single on Bandcamp
MB Website

Last edited: May 07, 2020 20:47:29

I'm combing through the worst of 90s surf, looking for hidden gems to add to my "best of" list.


I have this one and Vol 4, and they are two of the albums I never seem to get tired of listening to.


Deal with reality, or reality will deal with you.

Last edited: Jun 28, 2020 18:24:40

Really great Morricone Show on JP's show today.

Hey JP, can you list the GBU tracks and artists from the last few tracks please? I'm trying to hunt them down

He who dies with the most tubes... wins

Surf Daddies

Last edited: Jul 18, 2020 17:39:42

Sorry not surf related, yep even vocals, but this is the new project of one of my friends. Duo, no bass, singing in the local dialect. And they asked me do produces their new demo. So that's whats on my PC and headset allot lately..... sorry only a fb-link......[0]=AZV1I85ysYdiRqbfRp60cPmQh8XfsJ3we1HQtnsahtnsIewU7G3B0r9JIWjecBUp_5NPlC9VT30T07n9WZjt5HJKXcYYTcgLC07vgGQ4pntQAVMXOYuuFfl6DGrBJqg-iho&__tn__=-UK-R
Aloha Sluts on BandCamp (my photography)
Aloha Fest on facebook

tubeswell wrote:

Really great Morricone Show on JP's show today.

Hey JP, can you list the GBU tracks and artists from the last few tracks please? I'm trying to hunt them down

Hi Pete! Great to see you again! Missed you for awhile there! The playlists for the shows are always posted on the Fiberglass Jungle FB page BEFORE the show airs, so you can follow along and find the tracks easier. I'll post the full playlist over on the FJ thread to keep it organized, ok? Cheers!

Insect Surfers
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Tikiyaki 5-0
The Scimitars
Surfer Joe
Fiberglass Jungle - Surf Radio

The Shadows The Early Years- Their Complete Studio Recordings 1959-1966.

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