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I was the drummer for "Gear" recorded by Dave Myers and the Surftones. I went by Ross van Kleist.
I was also in the Battle of the Bands.

Can't wait for this movie to come out and remember the old days. I will Definately get it!!

As kids we never saved anything and so I have nothing to remind me of how it was. If anyone out there has something (memorabilia) please reach me at


Ross and Barbara

Last edited: Oct 10, 2008 14:04:30

Welcome aboard Ross, glad to have you here.


Danny Snyder

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It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

I was the drummer for "Gear" recorded by Dave Myers and the Surftones. I went by Ross von Kleist.

Welcome, Ross! You DO know that "Gear" has attained legendary status among most surf music afficianados? Just a remarkable song, with incredible dynamics and the most sublime Fender reverb sound! And such a fantastic drum part, love that great snare work on there!

We look forward to having you around here - please share as much as you can! I assure you we all love to hear it about how things really were back then! (In fact, can you tell us about the recording of "Gear"?)

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This is Ross's wife, Barbara. He is driving right now somewhere in Calif. He is a truck driver now. I started this blog for him and he is soooo excited to hear that ev1 wants to hear more.
I, Barbara, have been trying to get a scrapbook together for him of his music but don't have much to put in it.
Ross can't wait to get home Wednesday and get on here to talk to all of you.
And Ivan, he wants to thank you for the compliment.
He has NOT heard that about Gear ever and doesn't even have a copy of the record. We were able to find in on a CD though so he has that.

Ross and Barbara

Last edited: Oct 10, 2008 14:10:32

This sounds really great, I cant wait for it to come out.

And welcome to the forum Ross!

I split this off from the other thread.

Wow, welcome Ross (and Barbara)!

Yes, we can't wait to hear more!


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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

NOW I know what happened.

Ok, I not so confused anymore.

Ross and Barbara

Sorry for the confusion, we just didn't want Ross's story to get buried in an unrelated thread.

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

That's fine.
He can't wait to tell it and answer any questions that anyone might have.

Ross and Barbara

I didn't want this comment to get lost. This is from Kawentzmann:

Gear is an absolute legendary track, and like Ivan pointed out the drums are especially great. A true gem among sixties Surf recordings.

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

Welcome Ross! I'm a huge fan of Dave Meyers and the Surftones. My band just recently started covering Gear! Its great to have you here Cheers

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Welcome to both of you. Ross's influence has made it all the way up here to Eastern Canada! Can't wait to hear your stories of the time.


Home of Surf & Twang

Hello all, I'm off the road for a couple of days and wanted to say thanks for all the interest in my past with Dave Myers & the Surftones.
I do believe I've missed my calling but at the time I did what I had to do to raise a family.

Recording "Gear" was alot of fun. It feels like yesturday.

I was 17 years old when i recieved a call from Dave. He asked me to come to Laguna Beach to aduition. Man I got to tell ya what a day that was. Well they hired me and my very first gig was when we backed up Ike and Tina Turner and THE Coasters with 1500/2000 thousand kids watching. Then we did Battle of the Bands @ Harmony Park, Randevoue Ballroom, Backed up Jan/Dean & the Righteous Brothers a few Times. And many More. We went In and Out of recording studios recording various songs. Then came Gear. Dave had this great Guitar part and said lets make a Record. After listening, I put a marching type beat to it and Dave loved it. Going to Hollywood to the recording was so exciting for me, can't even put into words. But the best part was after it was released. I was driving home one day and I was listening to KFWB radio and they were playing GEAR. I about lost control of my car. I talked to Dave on my last Birthday thanks to my wife. I tried to talk Dave into bringing back THE SURFTONES for a come back tour. Don't know if that will happen. After leaving the band, after around 4 years, I began raising a family but never quit playing. I sat in with Lawrence Welk at the Hollywood Pladium a few times. I want to thank all of u that has sent e-mails. It means a lot to me that the the Music of the 50-60 era has not been forgotten. And I'm Blessed that I was part of it. I have a picture of Dave And the Band if any of u would like one please give as an address to send to. Please keep in touch with me, ok. Sometimes I find out about things concerning Dave. If u get wind of anything coming up please let me know. Lets bring Back The Good Surf Music . Thank u all. Ross van Kleist . Drummer x For Dave Myers and the Surftones/ Dave Myers and the Deciples. Thanks. Oh excuse my typing. Ross

Ross and Barbara

I totally missed this thread until it was mentioned in the new "Gear" thread. Thanks for pointing it out, Ivan, and Ross & Barbara, a special and emphatic thanks for posting! Gear is a fantastic piece. Mostly you have to be sort of a surf afficcionado to have heard it, I guess, but I once heard a DJ play it in the bar at Benders, a club in Denver. It was the night I first heard the Royal Aces play, too, but I think the DJ wasn't at all aware that a surf band was going to play later that evening. I remember thinking, "Wait, I know that song, what is that great song?"

I think Bob Dalley - who seems to live in Utah - reports that Myers lives in Montana, though that's pretty old info by now. Still, I think most people who go to Montana stay there, if they can find work. This is assuming they don't go crazy for urbanicity and leave after the first week or so. There are cities there, but they are SMALL cities. The sky, on the other hand, really is BIG. Montana is a state made for 6-CD rotaters.

I wanna hear some Dave Myers Effect!

Welcome Ross!

I'd actually never heard "Gear" before so I looked it up on YouTube ( So cool that the guy who made the video did so by playing the original single on an old record player like the one I had as a kid in the '50s.

Another absolutely great Dave Meyers tune is "Moment of Truth" -- were you on that tune as well?

-- Woody

It takes a lot of mussel memory to avoid clams.

Will we ever hear from Ross again????

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

I wanna hear some Dave Myers Effect!

All I've heard are the three numbers on Surf Crazy in the expanded CD format, which are Speed International, Hell's Racers and Silent Screamer. All pretty good, but the first is my favorite. The Effect is sort of like what surf might have been if it kept on going.

Hi Ross,
When I was at the Rendezvous, often Bob was the drummer. He, Jon Curtis, and Ed Quarry all went to Mesa High as did I. Dave says you came in, in late 1963…does that seem about correct?

When I knew the band it was usually:
Dave Myers – Lead Guitar
Jon Curtis – Rhythm Guitar
Ed Quarry - Piano
Bob Colwell - Drums
Seaton Blanco - Bass
Dennis Merrit - Sax

I know there were personal differences over the years especially early.

One photo shows an earlier album cover with:
Dave Myers - Lead Guitar
Jon Curtis – Rhythm Guitar
Bob Hurtly – Sax
Bob Morosco – Drums
Johnny Miller – Bass

I know of other changes as well but I only have the early ones. When Dave went from Folk to Surf he mentions Tom Long and Joe Shott of San Clemente, and a guy named Larry Blodgett, played too. And a few times Barry Rillera played sax.
It was quite a great band and I am pleased to know you were part of it all!

Thanks for being among the heroes!

Barry Kazmer

Great to hear from you, Barry!

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