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Go to our myspace page, rate or review our tunes, I will pick at random one person to get a free Neptunes tshirt/disk, good review or not, (hey you can decline the prize or sell it on ebay.)


Come-on folks take a minute to give us your opinion. We aren't an internationally touring band from the 90s(AND BEYOND!!!!).. so trashing us won't hurt your standing on SG 101! And I promise you won't be called a brown nose either. If it sucks send the message to stop this crappy music now!!!!


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I'm at work with no speakers so I can't really relisten and write a review. But I really enjoyed Wakeup Miles. One part of the melody reminds me of U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Would slinky be a proper description for the playing on that track? Great drums from what I remember as well.

Thanks for the review! My own personal critique happens to be about the same!

I actually really liked the Doomsday Device disk, it was just at the time you said something that made me think you were a complete and total asshole! I don't even remember what it was. Since then I have found that we have similar tastes and I pretty much agree with you on gear a frightening 99% of the time. And now... I actually like you.



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There's just one thing I don't get: your post is dated Oct 19, 2006 and I joined this site Sep 24, 2007! Was it something from the Cowabunga days?

Yes from the Cowabunga days... must have been right around when that disk came out.


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Thanks Zak! Every song we record is getting better, and all input is welcome! Sometimes I think we should just be a jam band, as a band we communicate well in improvising situations.


Need more reviews! Check out our myspace and have a listen!

I want to have a more than just two names in the hat when we choose a winner!



"Wake up Miles- This song reminds me of "Mandocello" by Cheap Trick (this is a good thing!). Great atmospherics on top, but I love how the song is grounded with a solid and melodic bass line. Sounds more like a lullaby, so I might have called it "Goodnight Miles".

"Dame Anushka" - I think the diminished riff reflects the inner workings of Tom's brain (this is a good thing!). When I close my eyes I see a staged bar fight with motorcycle chains and breakaway chairs. Rumble music!

"Surfcoaster" - Another demented riff, this time with syncopated guitar stabs and slurred bends. Real guitar solos! One of those songs where every player gets a little featured break. It's a blast!

Bonus review:
"Breaking Surface" - This is the last song on the new album, and the only one written by Jay. The production on this Spaghetti Western is way over the top, it even starts with the sounds of an orchestra tuning up. The main twang guitar theme takes us through the first minute of the song before giving way to the full on choral and orchestral arrangement, which last about another minute before the band returns to accompany the orchestra. Fans of Morricone must check out this song. Just sick!

Anyway, I don't think its fair to review the album song by song, it might sound like I'm picking it apart, and I don't mean to. The whole album is great, from beginning to end. Tom, please put out more than one album per decade!

LISTEN & BUY " S P I N - T H E - B O T T L E " NOW @ Bandcamp

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That is so frikin cool Ferenc!!! It's true, I came up with the song while trying to wake him up, and it failed miserably at the task! So I switched to Smoke on the Water, that worked.

Thanks for the book cover and the cool review!

It has been a project in the back of my mind to do a children's book/cd how cool would that be?

"Frankie And The Schoolboys"?


Okay, here goes:

Wakeup Miles: A sensible, if slightly tame, composition. I am a sucker for these sort of drum tracks using all toms (or whatnot, I am not a drummer). You used to hear this a lot in the 1980s but not so much now. My only wish is that it had not employed such pronounced maximizing/limiting; that is, a tune like this could use more dynamic range. Minor quibble for a good tune.

Dame Anushka: Ok, now you are starting to cook! This might be my favorite of the bunch and I would put it first in the play order, if it were my band. (This groove really reminds me of one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs of all time, a real rocker by Evan Johns and the H-Bombs called Evacuation.) I was hooked the second that fizzy humming started at the beginning. Everyone brought the goods to this number. Sax is a nice touch. More brickwall limiting yet fearsome dynamics in the composition. Nice!

Surfcoaster: More crazy ham radio static! (Were these two tunes designed to run into one another without a break?) Clearly you are letting Jimi take over a little here and why not? There has been a long-time ban on bent notes in surf melody and you are lifting it, I see. The drum break is sweet; in fact I am liking the drums here overall. The arrangement is from space and the composition is also a little baked but it works quite well.


I am going to draw names this Saturday! Thanks for the reviews folks!
Nice review LHR!



Bump to let people know I will be drawing names on Saturday!



Alright, a last minute entry...

Three pretty cool songs for very different reasons--it seems these Neptunes guys know how to cover a lot of ground.

Wakeup Miles - This is a _very _atmospheric track, and I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. Dramatic drums and a soft bassline lull you right in, and the guitar leads with a really nice melody that's very visual. I agree that the arrangement is a bit repetitive, but once you get over the fact I think it works to a certain advantage in this case. The inviting feel of the repeating bassline combined with the sweetness of the guitar tone and fluid melody give the song a sort of lulling draw. I like the feel quite a bit, and it conjures up a certain "having-triumphed-over-the-day-I-now-gaze-upon-the-ocean-at-dusk-and-am-at-peace" imagery. Laughing

Dame Anushka - A brief introduction by the Hypnotoad (any other Futurama buffs here?... nevermind) forces you to like this song. Actually, it gets by on its own merits pretty nicely. A tough riff paves the way for crime-caper fun. This song sorta balances between fun and gritty-sounding to my ear, and I think it would benefit by devoting itself to one or the other. Always being one to love rocking out, and given the dark heaviness of the opening noises, I think I'd like to hear this song a little angrier (so it looks like I'm right alongside Zak on this one). I like the closing measures of the song, where the guitars get down and dirty in unison with heavier drums backing, and I think that kind of treatment would do well throughout the song.

Surfcoaster - I expected this to be an homage in the style of the Japanese power trio, but didn't get that feel once listening to it. It's uptempo and with a really forward-driving rhythm--I'd characterize it as a very self-propelled song I guess, if that makes sense. I haven't mentioned it about the previous songs, but in this one (and the others) I like the layering of very clean _and _slightly gritty sounding guitars over each other. I think the sounds complement each other pretty well without any of the murkiness of reverb-drowned-jaguar-over-reverb-drowned-jaguar. The whammy-heavy rhythm track on this song is a pretty interesting touch, and lots of fun, as are all the starts and stops. I like the fuzz solo--pretty raucous. Fun track! Thumbs Up

There's plenty to like in all three of these songs, and though I can think of improvements, I could say that of just about any song and I find all of these entirely enjoyable as-is. My quibbles are pretty minor. I wouldn't mind hearing a whole disk's worth of this stuff for free or otherwise.

Also, I'd like to give the Neptunes extra credit points for their choice of album image. That squid (octopus? cuttlefish?) eye is freaking cool looking. Cool

i'll try............i shut my eyes and this is what i saw...........

'wake up miles' background music for a long drive home after surfing all day at a distant surf spot. everyone in the car is tired, happy and quietly thinking about their day.

'dame anushka' the soundtrack to a cartoon spy movie spoof, possible with a lot of the little 'spy vs spy' characters from mad magazine running here and there.

'surfcoaster' a multi-tasking tune. kind of how i feel when we're really busy in our store and i'm doing too many things at one time. the little japanese break is me catching my breath before jumping back in for more.



Wow! This is such an honor. I really have nothing prepared to say.

So...First of all I'd like to thank the Neptunes, for being such a killer band.

And also, the hosts of this website for all their hard work.

My ISP, for its neverending dedication to bandwidth. Even when times are tough, you are there, ISP.

The other members of the forum. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you!

My 4th grade music teacher, who got me interested in clarinet and that led eventually to punk and then surf guitar. Cheers to you, Mr. Moretti!

Of course, I have to acknowledge the greats for all their inspiration and guidance. Dick Dale...The Ventures...Jon Blair...Jim Messina & His Jesters...Loggins & Messina...Earth, Wind, & Fire...James Brown & The JBs...Hall & Oats...and Peaches & Herb! I am sure I am forgetting someone...

And, finally, my loving wife, who is here with me now. Chrissy you are my north star, the zenith, my soul mate, my muse...

And my two sons...I forbid them from entering the music business!

This trophy is going on the mantelpiece for sure!

Free Darfur! Thanks everyone!


Queue the orchestra and get him off the stage already... Wink Laughing

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