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mom_surfing: ELECTRIC BEACH PARTY right now streaming at radiohattera...
47 days ago

heepeejeep: Happy New Year SG101! Smile
45 days ago

james14000: Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
44 days ago

Emilien03: Happy New Year SG101'ers! Big Grin
43 days ago

sysmalakian: today is Shigeo Naka guitarrist from Surf Coasters Birthday
38 days ago

simoncoil: My girlfriend just talked me into buying a SQVM Jazzmaster on eBay... Yes
23 days ago

LoginsBlow: Logins now? bogus...
19 days ago

LoginsBlow: it's still worth logins though heh
19 days ago

Mike75: The Syndicate of Surf - Record release party now playing on www.surfrock...
12 days ago

bigtikidude: Good times in the photo of the day. https://surf...
5 days ago

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(sniff) Crying

Tim O
oestmann guitar


(sniff) Crying

Next year in Surf City, Tim!

All I can say is that I had a really fabulous time, and I want to thank a lot of incredible bands and extremely nice people who made this happen. Jeff, I really don't know how to thank you and the people you called upon to put this together. I felt like I died and went to heaven. I felt like something from a Roth cartoon, standing on its trailing tongue in a pool of sweat, or maybe it was drool, and babbling. I think the babbling part was real, unfortunately.

I don't know how to pick a high point out of a continuous high like this weekend, but I'll name two of mine that no one else has mentioned yet:

  • AquaSonics playing Tide Pool Q

  • Relix playing Kon Tiki

So enjoyable reading all this!! And seeing pictures folks are uploading!!!
Thanks Surf Guitar 101!!!!!!!!
Imagining Brian sitting on Huntington Beach catching a surf show, with friends...for me about tops the cake.
But I gotta admit, I think the picture from Ruhar's collection I saw of Paul Johnson onstage with Carol (Mom Surfing) says it all Cool Thats great!

History made. You folks are all super Thumbs Up

(*insert big bearded tiki smiley dude doing flips here. way to go Jeff@!), I never would have pegged you for being Irish (HA!) ;-). Thanks man for saving me Sat. night from fainting with those classic tacos from your taco wagon!
Safe journey....



Hey Billy, how is your Twin doing after Patrick killed it. Maybe it was just in shock.

That's a good question! Haven't had time to check it out yet. I'm leavin' for Ireland this Wednesday for 10 days! Stoked!
I fly back on the 16th, and play at the HB museum on the 17th.
I'll kiss me a barney stone and pray that me amp works just fine for the museum my laddie.
Luck of the Irish you know. Cheers


I think it was the Secret Samurai who closed things out, and man I was blown away by them. I had previously balked on buying their recently released album (finally got it in person!), but had heard plenty of good things about their live shows. Well it's all true. Unfortunately, they only played a few songs, but they were awesome! Ryan said that they were new ones (one for the new global-themed surf comp coming up) and they were so cool. I was really struck by Ryan's playing style, which is all his own. I guess I would describe it as very "happening"--with all sorts of stuff going on up and down the fretboard, and chord and melody progressions nowhere near what I would have predicted from the crowd--but never overbearing or overcomplex, just thoroughly cool and thoroughly impressive. I really like these guys!

Thanks for the kind words Ben! It was great to meet you and hang out a bit.

The Secret Samurai Website
The Secret Samurai on Facebook

First, Thank You to everyone involved. Remarkable weekend that will render all other shows into the realm of the mundane. Partially kidding of course!
Saturday was such a good day at Suzy's I figured I would be pushing the envelope if I stayed for the evening show. I was in sensory overload. Of course, all the way home I was wishing I would have had some coffee and stayed. That would mean getting home around 4 AM. The next morning I was thinking about how nice everyone was and what a rare experience to have so many like-minded people together in one place.
Now....about GrandeTikiDude..... What can you say that has not been said before. He is the "Ultimate Surf Music Guru" Brian is so humble he would not take any credit but we all know the role he plays in keeping the energy going. I have been slowly recalling the little conversations with such nice people. As many have said there was not time to meet everyone and that is a shame.
I woke up Sunday and could not think about anything else. I decided to talk a surfer buddy of mine into taking a chance with some live music that might be new to him. He was game. We were off to Huntington Beach. A few hours later, when we saw the Huntington Beach pier, we could hear the sounds from the bandstand. Onshore winds and a perfect beach day. The band playing was the Madeira. I caught the last half of the set. I had been witness to a live performance by the Madeira before but never like this. Words cannot describe the feeling. I regret missing Pollo del mar. Ferenc is another one that I missed talking to (he is owed a huge debt for getting me hooked on the Surf Coasters) but I played Frankie and the Pool Boys all the way back to Santa Barbara. Thanks again to everyone, I am forever changed. BTW, my buddy is now a surf music convert. Trode
Wooza,Ivan,John Blair,Tikidude

I leave in a few hours, and I am going to safeguard my camera with my life. I have about 100 or 200 photos? Can't wait to upload them and share them.

I'm still feeling the love, it was such a phenomenal trip. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was feeling mushy during that Madeira moment Jeff. It was an awesome experience.

I also want to thank all the bands that came and played, especially at the convention portion. Carol was kind enough to bring some SG101 t-shirts, which we sold for $10 a piece, trying to unload them. We didn't sell a lot, but I stuffed all the proceeds in the tip jar. I hope it helped.

I also learned that one of JR (Outerwave's) speakers got blown. I am so sorry about this. I will be glad to donate future t-shirt sales to JR to help him get a new one. I know those JBL's are expensive. I'll reopen the store when Carol and I get back and we have a new inventory count.

I am now bracing myself to deal with the airlines. Sad

Site dude - S3 Agent #202
Need help with the site? SG101 FAQ - Send me a private message - Email me

"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

I spent almost all day today watching Tom (tdsurf) taping The Madeira and The Surfaris for his documentary. Tom is doing an amazing job! It is a wall to wall professional deal, and he's got John Blair and HBKahuna (Tim) doing lots of hard but amazing work. I cannot wait for this to come out, it is going to be so killer! Thank you so much Tom for letting me come and hang out! And I got to hang out with Paul Johnson, Eddie Bertrand, John Blair, and The Madeira!

I also had the privilege of attending the filming of The Madeira. I can't thank Ivan enough for extending me the invitation. It was a day I will not soon forget. Tom is creating an incredible piece of work!! Ivan is much more than an iconic guitarist/songwriter. He, like all great Economists, is a student of history. His knowledge and perception of the history of both original and modern instrumental music is profound. Beyond that, he is one hell of a nice guy. Very down to earth. We are lucky to have him in the surf community.

The Secret Samurai Website
The Secret Samurai on Facebook

Last edited: Aug 06, 2008 10:16:53

JR got a Blown speaker out of it, so maybe we can have a fund raiser to pay him back.

Count me in for a donation. Outerwave are some of the coolest guys around and it was amazingly generous of them to offer those amps to us without knowing how we might abuse them. That was the first time I ever played through a blonde Showman, what a rush, and to get such a great response from the big crowd, it was overwhelming. Nice review Ben, I have forgotten a few things but it is all coming back now. Trode, you maniac!

Doug you rocked man Rock

Danny Snyder
aka Mycroft Eloi of The TomorrowMen
aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

Doug you rocked man Rock

Thank you Danny, it means a lot to hear that from such great players. To look out and see guys like you, Ryan, my biggest heroes Ivan and Dave Wronski, and so many others was a little more than I'm used to. I loved it.

has any video been shot?

Rules to live by #314:
"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

has any video been shot?

I saw plenty of cameras, professional & amature. Just a question of when & where it shows up.

BTW, I forgot to add that DP rocked on the bass, I really enjoyed watching him play.
Thanks for the compliments everyone.
I got one more question - where are all the pics people are uplaoding? is there a separate thread?

BTW, I forgot to add that DP rocked on the bass, I really enjoyed watching him play.
Thanks for the compliments everyone.
I got one more question - where are all the pics people are uplaoding? is there a separate thread?

Ditto on DP and also the Aquasonics, great trad style.

Danny Snyder
aka Mycroft Eloi of The TomorrowMen
aka Shecky Shekels of Meshugga Beach Party

BTW, I forgot to add that DP rocked on the bass, I really enjoyed watching him play.
Thanks for the compliments everyone.
I got one more question - where are all the pics people are uplaoding? is there a separate thread?

Ran, I used a link to point people to my photos a few pages back on this thread. I have some great ones of you, Danny, Norm and John Paul

The Secret Samurai Website
The Secret Samurai on Facebook

Hopefully people will upload pics and video,
but I know its a very time consuming progress.
I didn't take any but my mom took a few.
I will see if I can post those.
its more people shots, than bands.


Oh Boy. What a fun weekend!
These are the kinds of things that keep the music alive.
Many thanks are in order.
First I would like to thank the other 3 AquaSonics. Sonic Chris, Mad Dog and my Son 15 cent (Markus). We have a fun group! Everything we do is a great time and I'm lucky to be in a band with you guys!
If it were not for Mr. & Mrs HB Kahuna, We would never be able to make so many trips to Huntington beach. Thank You! Your hospitality is second to none. We love you! I just wanted to add that I was very impressed with HB Kahuna Jr. There are not too many youngsters these days that help Mom and Dad out around the house like you. Here's to you young man!
We had some of our fans come all the way out to So Cal from Colorado. Thanks John (Tuck) and J.D. Always great to see your smiling faces out in the crowd.
Thank you Tiki Dood!!! The thankless job of putting these things together are not going without thanks this time.
Thank you Linda for making our summer by letting us play at the Surfin' Sunday again. We love you!
Thanks John Benton (Eliminators) for hauling our asses around. We owe you.
Thanks Brian for doing what you do. You have no idea what this site means to Surf Music.
Our style of music is growing because of all the great people involved. Thank you all!
Here are a few pictures I took..............................................

imageimage The 2 best drummers in Surf Music (my opinion) Mad Dog and Dusty Watson

You know who these cats are..........................
15 cent Bass (Markus) AquaSonics and the fine lady that took care of all of us on Saturday................

John (Eliminators) Dave (Slacktone) Maui (AquaSonics) and Sonic Chris (AquaSonics)

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