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Pirecords: Pi records
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Permalink Los Twang! Marvels: "Jungle of Twang"

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Just an FYI for all of you who haven't bought the CD yet, you can hear a couple songs from it on the latest podcast

Danny Snyder

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"With great reverb comes great responsibility" - Uncle Leo

I'm back playing keys and guitar with Combo Tezeta

Hey Alex, thanks for commenting! We'd love to see you more often on the forum. I personally would have a ton of questions for you Laughing

Keep up the great work. You guys are a favorite of many of us on the forum Thumbs Up

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I think Cumana sounds more Mexican than Cuban, I listen to a lot Mexicana and the rhythms are simpler than most Cuban music. It is infectious and your feet will move.

Hmmm Doug I'm not too sure as to what region this song is influenced by, because certain Countries do it differently for Ex: Mex Cumbia And Columbian but it definitely is "Cumbia" music. The only difference is that ther is some guitars with Reverb. Which is a dam good thing. Smile

Hey that's the stuff. Thanks for posting the links. By the way I know nothing about Mexican, Cuban or Columbian music, I just listen to our cable TV's Mexicana music channel and I listen to a weekend radio show Cafe LA which plays lots of Cuban and Brazilian music. I listen to Jungle of Twang regularly, it doesn't get much better than that one for me. I agree that the drumming is awesome, a big factor in their sound. I know Alex used Strats, Jazzmasters, Jaguars and Gretsches with super heavy strings, maybe he will tell us about the amps and effects (if any) they used to get their unique sound.

This is an excellent and incredible album. I like how Alex simulates the Atlantics/BingoReyna sound on songs like "Kaha Huna". It's not the common reverbered surf guitar sound we are all used to hear on not-so-slow songs, and fits really well.

My congratulations to the four Twang! Marvels.

Guitar Player in Nahuelaizers
Here is Henry Vazquez playing Cumana on a crazy double neck. Apparently the song is a mambo.

Sorry my review is so late, but for anybody who is looking for a fantastic add or is still on the fence about buying the Los Twang Marvels CD, here's some recent thoughts: I was very slow on the uptake of this album, I really only liked half of it when I first got it. But now I have been listening to it almost daily since I got back from Italy. The only song I consistently skip is the second vocal tune (love the first vocal song sung by Maarisol!). The rest of the record is absolutely perfect, and with constant headphone listening I am just amazed at the arrangements, so subtle, and at times mind bending. Seeing them live definitely helped me understand the chemistry, and repeated viewings of both Cumana videos confirm the love for the music that is just bursting out in every song. Sorry for gushing, but this album is a must have!

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The only song I consistently skip is the circus song at the end. Then I just start the CD over. ;)

Radio Free Bakersfield--60 Minutes of TWANG, CRUNCH, OOMPH.

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