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I bought some of Double Crown's old/extra/discontinued/whatever stuff.

The Astronettes

Boss Finks 'R.P.M', an instant classic album. Don't know why I didn't get this sooner.
The Bombora's 'Head Shrinkin' Fun'. An apt title, it is a fun album. Be warned though, there be lyrics here, but just a couple songs.
The Huntington Cads 'Go Exotic' and 'Introduce the New Sound'. Like R.P.M I don't know why I waited so long, they're instant favorites for me now. Great, great band!
Aloha Swamp 'Swamp Vacation'. Come on it's Oleg, so you know it's going to be bad ass.
Also got 'Secret Agent S.O.U.N.D.S' a cool compilation of spy/surf.
All in all a damn good haul!

During the last few months I managed to snag a number of releases from the defunct German label Gee-Dee Music, which make a nice subcollection:
(I've had the CDs in the first row for a few years, but a square makes a better picture. I also have the Belairs collection they issued, but forgot about it when I took the photo.)

I'm still looking for a reasonably priced copy of the first Looney Tunes album, but it looks like I will have to be patient for a while...

BTW none of these albums are legally available online, but all of them have at least a few brilliant moments, some of them are great through and through. Especially the discs with stuff from the 60s have excellent liner notes with some nice photos.

Los Apollos - cinematic surf music trio (Berlin)
"Chaos at the Lobster Lounge" available as LP and download on Surf Cookie Records!
"Postcards from the Scrapyard" Vol. 1 & 2 NOW available on soundcloud and other platforms!

I keep my copy, but Discogs has some 2nd hand copies of the first Looney Tunes album listed for around €15, shipping from the Netherlands or Germany.

My latest instrumental album additions:
- The Evanstones / 1961 (surf music, digital album, released 2020)
- MASTER BOOT RECORDS / VIRTUAVERSE​.​OST (darksynth, digital album, released 2020)
- Nova / Terranova (synthpop, cd album, released 1986)
- Laika & The Cosmonauts / C'mon Do The Laika! (surf music, cd album, released 1995)
- Various / ZYX Italo Disco Spacesynth Collection 6 (spacesynth, cd album, released 2020)
- The Tiki Creeps / More "Live" Than Dead! (surf music, digital album, released 2020)

Instromania on Bandcamp

I still think the Double Crown Records Continental Magazine subscription is one of the best deals out there. And these 45's just arrived from Hi-Tide. Lots of great listening ahead!




This is Noel. Reverb's at maximum an' I'm givin' 'er all she's got.

"Three-Way Vol. 2" from Deep Eddy records, with 3 tracks from each of "Urban Surf Kings," "Beware of Blast," and "The Nematoads." I've listened repeatedly and look forward to hearing it again. The Nematoad songs have a psychedelic vibe in a good way. "Beware of Blast" is new to me. Pleasant tones and mixes throughout.


The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Sep 19, 2020 16:38:49

Glad you are enjoying it. Nice to see people buying music. It keeps these great labels alive.


Home of Surf & Twang

I've been a fan of The Insanitizers for years, and Conrad and Co. never cease to keep pushing boundaries. Listening to Space Force, you can definitely tell it's an Insanitizers record, but this one has kind of moved beyond what they've done in years past.

Some songs have a kind of slightly demented, spooky Eastern European feel with unusual effects including an organ sound made with a guitar. That adds a nice dimension that kind of characterizes the songs. I can also hear some Felliniesque style runs in some melodies.

This is a fun album with no shortage of interesting melodies and wild ideas. Surf the seas of Europa and then stop off at the Crab Nebula for some seafood. Space Force will provide the soundtrack.


Ted James
Deep Eddy Records
The Nematoads

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