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I will throw a possibly lesser-known record into the mix: The Original Onions "Grill Skills".


This has stayed in medium rotation for me for awhile now, and I highly recommend it. I found this (now broken up) band from Columbus, Ohio when I was in what I'll call my "rebellious Aqua Velvets" phase Very Happy Searching for something positively surf but a little different and maybe modern. I took a serious listen to what I now consider some great acts: Laika and The Cosmonauts, Mermen, Man or Astroman, Pollo Del Mar, Slacktone, etc., etc....and the Original Onions.

It is not a first wave clone band by any means but do not let that stop you. And although, it may not have the "edge" or "hot-licks" virtuosity of some of the bands I mentioned previously, it is indeed a sublime record. The playing, compositions, arrangements, and sonics are all top flight. (Interesting choice of cover tunes in there as well.)

Oh, and the best part, is that band has generously made the entire album freely-available at Get it while you can HERE.

EDIT - (August, 2012) Check out their Bandcamp site for what look to be even higher quality downloads (FLAC, 320 kb/s MP3., etc.): (LINK BROKEN)

EDIT - (August 2020)

  • Hey, small world, it's seymour_onions!
  • Still one of my favorites. Even if the mix is often extreme LCR and drives me crazy on headphones. Aw, hell, I love LCR...never mind.
  • Re-added image of album art.
  • Redacted Bandcamp link; all stuff is available on
  • Buy the vinyl!


Last edited: Aug 05, 2020 01:12:06

I love their sound too and played them on early editions of TWANG SHEBANG

But hey thxxx for the heads up on this free downloadable music!!


I've also played them a lot. Really goofy but solid. One of the best free surf albums I've found

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Hmm I will have to check them out @

(defunct) Thee Jaguar Sharks

Plus! Other stuff not surf:
Enjoy every minute

I DL'd it and have listened to the album a few times. Very good stuff! I really like the Harlmem Nocturne cover.

(defunct) Thee Jaguar Sharks

Plus! Other stuff not surf:
Enjoy every minute

Hey everybody. Bumping this old thread... I'm glad people have downloaded and enjoyed "Grill Skills." We recorded that entire album in a small rehearsal room to 8-track analog tape. We're really proud of that album. I've never had more fun playing music than with The Original Onions.

We recently started chatting about putting the album out on vinyl. I'm curious if anybody would be interested in such a thing. We might have to go down the Kickstarter route, because we're not currently an active band. Who knows, maybe we'll do a few small gigs. So would any of you be interested in a newly-remastered vinyl LP edition? (Probably containing only 14 tracks... the original CD had 15 tracks, everything else on are bonus tracks).

Lastly, we put a live album on Bandcamp and you can get it here for free:

All the best,
Seymour Onions

PS Big shoutout to my good friend Missy from The D-Rays. Congratulations on Photo of the Day!

Last edited: Aug 07, 2012 21:10:36

Thanks! I'll have to check this out. Looks like it includes a little Blondie, Flock of Seagulls and Pretenders . . . surf style.

Hope you guys don't mind me bumping this thread ...

"Grill Skills" is now available on vinyl! Good old black vinyl or limited gold vinyl. Release date is March 20.

Pre-order is up now...

Hey Seymour,

I especially enjoyed listening to "Back On The Chain Gang". Thanks for including that one. I've always thought that song would make a great instrumental and you have proved me to be right. Well done!

Hey congrats on the vinyl!!!! Maybe you guys should just reform already?

Daniel Deathtide

DeathTide wrote:

Hey congrats on the vinyl!!!! Maybe you guys should just reform already?

I'd love nothing more! Don't think it will happen, as we all live elsewhere these days...

Very cool album. I'm sorry I missed Trey's post the first time around. Super cool choice and execution on the covers.

The Mystery Men?
El Capitan and The Reluctant Sadists
SSS Agent #31

The pride of Ohio!

Toneschaser wrote:

The pride of Ohio!

That would be another band I know from SE Ohio... ;)

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