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Last edited: Sep 27, 2009 22:44:59

In alot of ways, I'm still in the process of wraping my head around these albums. There is alot of depth there, and even after repeated listenings, I'm picking up little things every time. But then, that's the mark of good music, isn't it?

Your listening experience is really invaluable here in providing some much needed context for me. Thanks for writing this great review!!

Well it is no secret that I really dig The Madeira; I find what they do very inspiring and just plain astounding, actually. I've seen them live a good half dozen times now. Patrick and Ivan complement each other very well as song writers, Dane is a beast on the drums, Ivan is truly amazing on the guitar, and Patrick can play those fast Shadows/Atlantics rhythm guitar parts without even breaking a sweat! Poor Todd's in there holding the whole swirling thing together. Smile

I've also been lucky enough to be given sneak peeks of rough demos for the next CD (yes, it is coming!), and it KILLS KILLS KILLS!!! There are songs on there that will really floor everyone I predict. I can't wait to hear the polished final product!

And, these guys are just the nicest human beings ever. Smile

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"It starts... when it begins" -- Ralf Kilauea

i love the way 'oasis' ends the sandstorm cd.

"Sandstorm" is right up there toward the top of my all-time favorite albums of any genre. It absolutely floored me the first time I heard it. Listening to it the first few times (repeatedly) I came to realize that this is the sound and style I like most in surf and that, per my personal tastes, exemplifies the best of the genre.

The strength of the song structures and gutsiness of the tones and immaculate musicianship are all impressive, and are major contributing factors to my Madeira-fandom of course, but what gets me every time is the flair with which the songs are played. It's hard for me to pinpoint what I mean by that, but the exotic hammers and pulls and general atmosphere the album creates are just oh so tasty in my ear buds.

Of course the originals on "Sandstorm" best exemplify what I mean, but even their covers achieve a strength and trademark that I imagine must be really difficult to attain. In fact, their cut of "The Victor" is the one and only Dick Dale cover I've ever heard that I actually like more than the Old Man's originals, and there are a LOT of DD covers out there (_and _ The Victor is my favorite song of his. The fact that I like the Madeira's version more is saying a lot, I think).

I can't wait for the next album. Shocked

Great review Zak.
I'd have to say that Sandstorm really re-invigorated my desire to continue playing surf. That album has more than great licks and songs. It is delivered with a lot of emotion. I'm absolutely blown away by Ivan's playing. It is complex but tasteful and the songwriting is magnificent. Ivan's strat tone is one of the great surf tones captured on disc IMHO.

The drumming on Sandstorm is very high-energy and powerful. The entire rhythm section seems to be locked in. I also really dig the use of the acoustic guitar on a number of tracks. It adds so much in the way of texture.

And I agree with Brian, really nice people to boot. Looking forward to the next release. Can it get any better?

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What they all said!

I could gush on and on about these CD's and the Madeira's
phenominal live show, but I can't put it any better than you
guys did. Nice job on the review Zak, and nice responses by
Websurfer, Brian, Carol, Ben and Ryan. The first time that I
heard them, the Madeira knocked my socks so far off that
I've been sockless ever since!!!




great review Zak! (I mean not (just) because the albums are great, but because it's well written with the kind of info that tells people what to expect)

one more thing is that I think Ivans playing is very distinctive. Ivan's obvious a good player, with a lot of speed, technique, accuracy and - Shocked - shredder potential. and that level of playing often leads to mindnumbing boring music.... yet Ivan somehow manages to always focus more on the phrasing and dynamics of his playing, with lots of finessse and well executed baroque, so well done where you dont even notice that there's actually a guitarhero at work Very Happy You dont see that kind of playing often in surf and I dont think I would like that either, but it's really what sets the Madiera apart and makes them sound unique.

Not to downplay the role of the other Madiera members btw. Thumbs Up

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"When in Italy, if the menu says something's grilled, don't assume it is."

Wow, the compliments are almost overwhelming - but music to my ears. Very Happy What else can I say but, thank you, thank you, thank you, especially to Zak for such a great, in-depth review. You all are too kind and I'm blown away. It always comes as a surprise to me when other people like our music to this extent and with this much passion, but I'm very, very grateful.

As far as the next CD is concerned, thanks for the enthusiastic plug, Brian. We're recording it right after Christmas. I'm very excited about it, but just a word of warning: it definitely won't be "Sandstorm II". It's quite different, but hopefully just as good. You'll get to judge for youselves soon enough.

Thanks everybody!!! You're the BEST!!

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I couldn't live without the Ruins EP!


"Turn the knob to 10 and break it off!" -Baja Marty

dude, you can turn down the sound of "Lawrence of Arabia"... after the COLUMBIA logo airs, if you push the "play" button on the cd player, the music of "Sandstorm" miraculously seems to sync up with all the visuals...dude, it's a total TRIP!


Last edited: Nov 27, 2007 18:31:38

What everyone else said. I picked Sandstorm up when it came out, and over a year later am still finding new stuff to like in each song. To me, that's pretty rare for surf music. Ruins is great, too - all the covers are either on par with or eclipse the originals, which is damn impressive when you consider what they're covering.

And catch them live, if you can - they're much louder, and as we all know, louder always = better.


That was excessively violent and completely unnecessary. I loved it.


Ivan somehow manages to always focus more on the phrasing and dynamics of his playing, with lots of finessse and well executed baroque, so well done where you dont even notice that there's actually a guitarhero at work

That's what I was going to say. Well written and informative review Zak. I had the fortune to see the Madeira in Hermosa Beach and picked up Sandstorm at the show. It's very exotic sounding.
Another great CD is New World Relampagos with Ivan, Dusty Watson, Sam Bolle, Ron Eglit and a few others, including Los Relampagos original organist. For anyone who doesn't have it, it is a new recording of songs by the 60's Spanish instro group. I love Spanish guitar music and this CD has all of the flavor of Tarrega and Sor on electric instruments. The Madeira cover Macarena from it. ¡Olé!

Well, don't I feel like the poor cousin who just got the word, wow, great review Zak, informative without gushing, good stuff, well done.

I have only just finished listening repeatedly to the SG101 Podcast #1 and especially over the Madeira tracks, to say it's good is a classic understatement and wouldn't do the tracks justice nor the skills of the players.

I think I'll just say that I enjoyed the music immensely and my eyes are open at last to the possibilities of Surf Instro music. I will find a copy of the cd's to buy and believe many people over this side of the pond would/will enjoy this music as well, I'll use it for our set break music and see what sort of reaction it gets as we get comments already about the couple of 'Surf Instro' we throw in towards the middle of the night.

Well done Madeira!

Thank you very much, Spud! We greatly appreciate it. You can hear some more of out tracks here:

And you can go to Double Crown's website to buy our stuff:
You'll get the best price there.

Hope you enjoy the rest of it, too! Thanks again.

PS And thanks also to Kristena, DP (Lawrence of Arabia RULES!), Warren and Doug for such kind words. I'm really happy you're enjoying our music.

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Okay, I ordered both your cd's, I look forward to getting them in due course with much anticipation. Cool

A Tabulature book of The Madeira would be outstanding and I'd certainly put my hand up for one. Very Happy

Listening to the album right now...

Ivan, so amazing. I've always loved Sandstorm. Your drummer is so precise and creative while still remaining powerful. I just love that the drums really stand out on certain tracks.

So yeah, I Worship the Madiera.

Science friction burns my fingers.

I just picked up "Ruins" on iTunes (already had Sandstorm). They are both must-haves IMHO. I love "The Intruder" Rock

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My copy of Sandstorm arrived the other day and has been getting plenty of stereo time. A great listen. Double Crown turned the order around super quick and it got to Australia in just over a week(many thanks). Spud check the mail box!
I should have purchased Ruins in hindsight also. I got Sandstorm on the basis of the Podcast, a great way of hearing bands and deciding to get their CD.

Don't know what else to say except - thanks, everybody. Tony, thanks for recognizing Dane's huge contribution - he's an amazing drummer. I LOVE playing with him! So creative and so capable - by far the best drummer I've ever played with. He deserves more recognition and praise. So, thanks for that.


The Madeira Official Website
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The Blair-Pongracic Band on Facebook
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