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Question for the travelling musician, would you fly with a surfy bear metal packed in your checked luggage (hard shell suitcase)? If yes, any advice for packing, in addition to foam blocking the springs? I’m flying from France to Australia. I’ll be staying for a few months, jamming and possibly a gig or two. Am I asking for trouble and better off just taking my topanga?


The Dead Planet Surfers

The surfy bear is pretty low tech and solidly built. The biggest thing to worry about would be something happening to the springs if your suitcase takes a REALLY hard hit, but you've already mentioned foam blocking them which should keep them from jostling about too much. Maybe wrap some clothes around the exterior to cushion it from sharp impacts and prevent the knobs from getting caught on something, but the thing is made of metal and doesn't really have parts that can snap off. You should be fine.

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Yep, you should be fine with that plan. Just remember to take the foam block off the springs before trying to play.

It's a far better option than trying to fly with a tube unit.

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