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bigtikidude: New link https://m.yo...
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Permalink What’s the effect on this Fantastic Baggy’s song?

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We all know and love this song. “This little Woody”. Forgive me if I have asked before, but what exactly are they doing at the 0:50 mark? Sounds like the guitar is doing a basic pentatonic riff with tremolo on. But for the vocals, which is where my question arises, is he simply mirroring the guitarist but with some tremolo applied to his voice as well? How was this achieved back then? Is there anything else I’m missing? It sounds so simple but so catchy.

I think he's doing it "the old fashioned way." Just putting his hand to his throat and moving his windpipe to create that warble. Try it yourself--you'll see how similar it sounds. It helps to turn off your left speaker to isolate the channel it's on.

Last edited: Sep 15, 2023 21:23:26

Maybe playing through a Magnatone amp with its pitch-shifting vibrato turned way up? I'm not 100% sure there's a voice there, but maybe? It's definitely unusual.

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Last edited: Sep 16, 2023 07:07:04

Sounds to me like the guitar might be going through a Leslie speaker.
I don't hear any vocals in that part.

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I wish there were an easy way to upload a video on here like for images. I've created a short clip of this section with just the right channel panned center to make it easier to hear the sound in question.

To my ear, it's definitely a human voice and I believe my first theory is correct: he's manipulating the envelope either manually or simply by virtue of exceptional voice control. They probably laughed about it in the studio before and after laying this down.

The guitar and the voice are playing the same riff. It's not pentatonic, though.

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