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Pirecords: Pi records
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I've got a "well used" 1961 Tremolux that I picked up a couple of months ago. Was working fine and I was enjoying using a load box to crank it huge gobs of gain, but I thought I'd better take it in for service.

I just got it back yesterday and I'm getting weird feedback if I try and crank the volume and tone knobs on the bright channel. It wasn't doing this before. Any other brownface users here who can testify whether this is normal?

Here's a rough and ready video I made for the tech.

It does not sound like normal to me, but I cannot identify the problem either. All I know is that the brownface showman clone I have does not do that, I have no prior experience with a Tremolux. I hope you find the issue and please let us know what it was.


Fountoukia - f0~x.1o:cd/gkd_x%

Congrats on the Tremolux! I just heard one in person the other day, they sound amazing.

This won't be of much help. Sorry.

I have a 1962 Showman, I've never heard that sound come out of it. But i also don't run it on 10 or use a load box.

Did you notice the sound before you took it in to the shop? or only after? If so then i would think it's something that the guy at the shop changed.

I don't know if that's normal though.

Ok, prefacing this with "I'm not an expert but" - Bad cap or tube? The bright channel on this amp is a completely independent pre-amp, so that would probably narrow it down to "v2 or things connected to v2". Your video suggested you changed the tube already, so any chance your tech changed the capacitors on the cathodes of v2?

If it's not something directly related to v2, then it would have to be really frequency dependent to only show up when the bright channel is cranked.

- "The Mysterious" Tqi.

you could try pulling preamp tubes starting with V1 and when (if) the noise stops you have isolated where in the circuit the issue if

do you still have the old tubes you took out? try putting them back in

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