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Pirecords: Pi records
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Clint: Attention: If your band has a music video or you know of a surf music video, please pass it along and I’ll add it to my YouTube channel: Thanks!
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So I recently recorded a bit of a solo project where the attempt was to fuse together instro surf and 80's style skate punk into its own little blend i completed the project and just would like some feedback from like minded surf nuts. Not super twangy and I dont know how many punk rockers I have on here with me but hoping somebody will appreciate this collection.

To my ears this project sounds very interesting!!

I find the instrumentals more "Surfy" arrangements, having nice guitar melodies and Surf rhythms. The sound is definitely not the traditional Surf sound, probably due to the use of modern reverb that lacks the drip. However this makes it sound more modern and psychedelic and I like this direction!

The ones with vocals are to the punk side but I can find some Surf influences there like the heavy reverb in everything and there are also some Surf rhythms. In any case it is very interesting to hear how Surf music can shape punk and how you interpret that in your music!

Personally I would like to hear all these played by a full band live because it would sound more "human" and that seems missing to the sound you are trying to have.

You should definitely target other listener groups if you haven't done already: grunge, indie, alternative, garage etc.

Keep creating and I am very curious to hear what will come out as your style matures!


Fountoukia - f0~x.1o:cd/gkd_x%

No doubt brotha am trying to assemble a live band but this is the best I have at the current moment. Was just making sure I went in the right direction. Hopefully with in the year we will see some of these songs come to life.

Hm, listened to a few tracks and it sounds nice, although I would cut down a little on the samples there. The first 90 seconds of the collection I was listening to random radio samples with a few booms in there and I'm not really sure what the purpose of that first track was. But I suppose I did hear plenty of that back in the 80's on records on the ZTT label. Then the second track again is opened by a very long sample of some sci fi or gangster movie. Whilst I understand that you want to recreate the 80's skateboard punk, I really would lessen that.

For the music itself - the start is there and I think you really have potential to grow -and I really am curious how you will evolve- but just think outside the box. I know it's hard when you start out to think original, but it's a matter of practice and you will be fine. I generally liked what I heard, so I will keep an eye on you and any future releases. If you need help or tips and tricks, ping me; I'd be happy to help you out.

As for the backing band gathering, only do that when you're absolutely sure of things. With todays' state of affairs in tech, and you have a bit of talent, you can do it all on your own for the time being. Don't worry yet about getting a backing band, just focus on your own growth for now. Once you've got a substantial oeuvre to pick tunes from and you're sure of yourself, you can start gathering ppl to for a band for shows. I did my first three albums completely on my own and only on the new upcoming album I got some help from a guy who owns a Farfisa and Vox and a guest drummer, and that is only on a one or two tracks. So, instead of focusing on a backing band, focus on your own development and growth; I know you have the potential and for now joining a band would only dilute that. Just my two bits here.

And don't worry what some say about one-man bands. They're just old men stuck in the past. Hope this helps.

Magnatech's "De Favorieten Expres!" received a 2022 guest gremmie. And is in the top 5 of best albums of 2022.

Magnatech - "Introducing..." (8 September 2021), Magnatech - "Impala '59" (17 July 2022), Magnatech - "De Favorieten Expres!" (22 November 2022) - charity album
Mr. Magnatech is not afraid of you! (2020), Surfin' the Tolka! (2021)
Lana Del Rey/Do You Believe In Surf? (2020), Bundoran/Sweet Surfin' Sabine (2021), Cymopoleia/ Surfin' Demon Twist (2021), Dr Mabuse/Zombie Love Theme (2022)
Surfin' Kitty Xmas Vol. 2 (2021), Surfin' Kitty Xmas Vol. 3 (2022), Sea Sea Rider (2022), Surfin' Britannica vol 3 (2022), Triple Agent IV compilation (2023), Continental Magazine compiler (2023)

Upcoming (as of Feb. 2023):
- EP "An evening with Magnatech" (1 June 2023 - 2 days!)
- LP "Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz" (October/November 2023)

Thank you my guy totally understand where your coming from this is my time where I am really trying to develop myself a little more and get things on lock. I was in a punk band when I was 15-19 and then put down music for a while being 23 now Its kind of a fresh breath of air and rather than wait around for people to make music I just jumped on it and generally enjoyed making it but as you said most of the songs were developed in only a day or 2.

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