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Permalink Fender Amp chassis dimension — many designs using the same one?

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I have a head shell cabinet made for a Twin Reverb Amp (SF). The Twin Reverb is labeled “Fender Twin Reverb-Amp. AB 763” inside the original speaker combo cabinet.

Does anyone know what other amps Fender made that have the same chassis dimensions? I know the Showman is the same amp (i.e., a Twin as a separate head is a Showman). How about the Studio Bass Amp?

Squink Out!

I see no-one replied to this, and while I don't have a clear answer for you, could you tell us what your plan is? I've been looking into AB763 amps lately, so this stuff is rattling around in my head. Are you are looking to find a chassis that will fit the cabinet so you can build another amp, or are you looking for an already built one to slide into the slot?

If you haven't seen it, Rob Robinette's site has loads on the AB763 models and their differences ( The nice thing is that the same basic circuit and arrangement is used in all of them, so if you buy a new Twin Reverb Chassis to fit, you could build pretty much any model you want, as long as they have the same number of knobs. You could probably easily build a Vibroverb, among others, to go in that cabinet.

**Edit: Vibroverb wouldn't be suitable because it lacks a Mid control. Could always add one of course.

Last edited: Jan 24, 2023 15:58:46

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