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Floyd: Tremolo
213 days ago

bigtikidude: Who’s coming to SG101?
197 days ago

Jojobaplant: Second Magnatech album on Sharawaji in a few weeks on CD and Vinyl!
184 days ago

jimbones: New stuff coming from the Men in Gray Suits REALLY SOON!
181 days ago

midwestsurfguy: Looking forward to SG102 2022
174 days ago

bigtikidude: Thanks for coming Guy!
140 days ago

MamaGrass: The Bloat Floaters rock!
119 days ago

MamaGrass: TOMORROW, Saturday 8/13! Come on out to one of the raddest venues Winters Tavern, and watch The Bloat Floaters kick out the jams!
111 days ago

MamaGrass: Surf Monster and The Bloat Floaters LIVE 8/28 @ Blue Note Brewing Co. in Woodland, CA
105 days ago

Emilien03: https://yout...
66 days ago

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The Carnations - “Scorpion” obsessed with this right now. So simple, two chords, three or so riffs but so good.

Tremoto wrote:

The Carnations - “Scorpion” obsessed with this right now. So simple, two chords, three or so riffs but so good.

You're right, that's a great one

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF
"With great reverb comes great responsibility" - Uncle Leo

I'm back playing keys and guitar with Combo Tezeta

Tremoto wrote:

The Carnations - “Scorpion” obsessed with this right now. So simple, two chords, three or so riffs but so good.

Then I suppose you like "Tequila" as well - this song is a direct carbon copy of that one.

Magnatech - "Introducing..." (8 September 2021)
Magnatech - "Impala '59" (17 July 2022)
Magnatech - "De Favorieten Expres!" (22 November 2022) - charity album
Mr. Magnatech is not afraid of you! (2020)
Surfin' the Tolka! (2021)
Lana Del Rey/Do You Believe In Surf? (2020)
Bundoran/Sweet Surfin' Sabine (2021)
Cymopoleia/ Surfin' Demon Twist (2021)
Dr Mabuse/Zombie Love Theme (2022)

Signed to Sharawaji Records
Impala '59 now out on CD, digital download and pre-order for vinyl coming soon!

Impala '59 has been regarded "one of the best albums you will hear this year"
"Outstanding album which is one of the very rare instances that truly mixes the old with the new"

Magnatech has had 10k+ plays from 7000 unique visitors on Bandcamp since July 2020.

My partner sent me this the morning. It's been killing me all day.

They who die with the fewest control knobs, win.

- "The Mysterious" Tqi.

These youngsters...

The Space Rangers "Ready To Take Off" CD!

Here's a different one I hadn't heard until now

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Laika & The Cosmonauts - Metropolis Tapes, Part 1

Jill Martini & The Shrunken Heads

Tele295 wrote:

I’m setting up for a recording session and spinning the Mermen’s “Krill Slippin” album. I had to put “By the Sea I Will Stay Forever” on repeat for a few extra spins.

So what’s coming through your speakers/headphones today?

That's a great record! My favorite Mermen record is Songs of the Cows. I have a copy on vinyl, sounds great well done record. Mega tasty digital effects on the guitar(s). Varykino Snow is my favorite tune on that particular record.

Today I have the Blue Stingrays on the turntable. I sort of feel guilty for spinning it due to the replacement cost and scarcity. It's unfortunate that this record was so hard to obtain for so long, but now it's been repressed I believe. I am going to score a copy of the repress and see what its like. If its decent I will tuck my original copy away.


Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine

Picked up these CDs at the show on Thursday!


Literally right now... I was reading a bit about these Aussie winners and their "reverb" was apparently an Echolette. So here's one for the deep cut/historical ephemera crowd: what alternatives to the external Fender reverb tanks did the first wave bands use?

The Molly Tuttle band
On the Cavern sessions formerly bluegrass underground on pbs.
Great stuff! Look em up.



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