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Fender has issued pink slips to 300 workers at the Corona, CA plant. It's another sad day. We are living in rough times my friends.

Happy Sunsets!

So sad. Especially because in 2020 they had a great sales year with all the new guitarists coming

Is this just more bean counter motivated cost-cutting where they shift more production to other countries, or are their sales actually declining?

It usually is. Don't try to fight the CFO you will never win that corporate battle.

Happy Sunsets!

Doesn't look like a guitar guy to me.

Last edited: Aug 07, 2022 10:38:33

This isn't a new guy, he's been around a bit...

Since 2001, Janopaul has also held various roles with Fender, ranging from investor and board member, to President and chief operating officer.

Danny Snyder

Latest project - Now That's What I Call SURF

"With great reverb comes great responsibility" - Uncle Leo

pdshane wrote:

Doesn't look like a guitar guy to me.

Yep = every sentence of that press release is standard corporate blather. He's there to increase synergy through best practices, leverage their historic strengths, and maximize efficiencies blah blah blah. They are a capitalist enterprise and their number one goal is to maximize profits, which is actually not far off from Leo Fender's operating principle.

The sad thing is that now they are going to reduce the hell out of production in California for the sake of profits. After all, this is the way all manufacturing has gone, all to shave costs. The surprising thing is that Fender kept making things in the US for this long. In the end, they will probably keep producing Custom Shop products here because people will pay that premium, but the rest will be made elsewhere. I'm sure quality of those products will still be good.

It’s a bummer for the workers. But their MIM and overseas stuff quality is great.

I have been super into G&L stuff as of late and their quality and tone is phenomenal.




The real Fender.

I played a G&L of some sort in a music store many years ago and I remember the neck feeling great. The neck also had a satin finish to it. I wish I had picked it up. I don't even remember what model it was.

I hate the Fender factory workers are being laid off. I guess now that we aren't stuck at home that sales have taken a dive.

Redfeather wrote:




The real Fender.

I mean. Most recently yeah. Their MFD pickups are stellar.

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