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bigtikidude: Who’s coming to SG101?
265 days ago

Jojobaplant: Second Magnatech album on Sharawaji in a few weeks on CD and Vinyl!
252 days ago

jimbones: New stuff coming from the Men in Gray Suits REALLY SOON!
249 days ago

midwestsurfguy: Looking forward to SG102 2022
241 days ago

bigtikidude: Thanks for coming Guy!
207 days ago

MamaGrass: The Bloat Floaters rock!
186 days ago

MamaGrass: TOMORROW, Saturday 8/13! Come on out to one of the raddest venues Winters Tavern, and watch The Bloat Floaters kick out the jams!
179 days ago

MamaGrass: Surf Monster and The Bloat Floaters LIVE 8/28 @ Blue Note Brewing Co. in Woodland, CA
173 days ago

Emilien03: https://yout...
133 days ago

TheBabalooneys: Can’t wait for Surfer Joe Summer festival 2023!
12 hours ago

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Permalink Black Metal Without Distortion is Just Surf Music

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Found this on YouTube...
Kind of funny really. It goes to show how dependant on clichés and getting the "right sound" genres are.

i started in metal bands, traded distortion for reverb and didn’t change my playing at all, just cleaned up my pick attack. my surf picking is very light compared to most.

playing surf with an ibanez and floyd rose made some people kinda mad.

Last edited: Jun 17, 2022 17:03:10

This serves as proof of something I have suspected for a long time, regarding my tastes. I’ve never cared for heavy distortion, and hearing the playing in this video sort of proves the point. I enjoyed it, but had it been distorted, I would have turned it off.

The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

I listen to both and while both styles often have a tremolo-picking guitar, I do not find any more similarities. Song structure being a big difference, as well as length - there are no twenty minute surf songs. Also “black metal” is too large of a (sub)genre to really make any specific statement about. There are all kinds of black metal, some bands don’t have tremolo picking (many do though), some bands are all out of tune, some bands bury the drums, guitars, and vocals under keyboards. I love that it is one of the few genres to feature tremolo picking regularly.

Daniel Deathtide

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