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The brands Danelectro, Zim-gar, etc. you mentioned have stood the test of time. They were cheap in their day, but most (?) were well made and are now collectible. Maybe in 40 years these guitars from AliEXPRESS will also be collectible and luthiers will love to work on them.

If I'd stop buying old guitars to fix, I might actually learn to play.
Bringing instruments back to life since 2013.

Yes - reminds me of my first real electric - a Fender Mustang. It was a piece of crap - lousy sounding pickups, pickup selector switches that sometimes worked; sometimes didn't work.
Vintage Guitar ran an article on the Mustang last month. It was flatly stated that the guitar was not the choice of professionals. I remember John Mclaughlin, Hendrix, and the guitarist in The Seeds played one. That was about it. But yet, I see them going for $1200.00-$1500.00 these days.
Be that as it may, I'll try selling this defective 360F as a wall hanger or "special project".
J Mo'

You mentioned a poorly set neck, and a wierd fretboard issue. Modern guitars are much more dificult to dissassemble and loosen glue than old guitars. Blame modern glue. It's also more difficult to touch up modern finish.

So, while you think these luthiers dont know what they are doing, maybe they know all too well what you are asking them to do is nearly impossible.

"You can't tell where you're going if you don't know where you've been"

Sonchris, IDK,
Points well taken.
A counterpoint that is hopefully also well taken:
If I presented a beat to hell (as in 1 step from firewood) classical guitar to a luthier, I'd probably get a "not worth fixing..I don't want to touch it; it might fall apart as I work on it", etc. tap dance.

But if my name is Willie Nelson and the beat to hell guitar is "Trigger", luthiers would be falling all over themselves to fix it and brag about fixing it.
That's how the world rocks. I get it.
But -
My counterpoint does show that any issues with any guitar can be fixed. Appropriate fires just have to be lit under appropriate rear ends.
J Mo'

Last edited: Jun 22, 2022 10:33:36

J Mo, good point. What if Willie brought in a Chinese Martin knockoff?

If I'd stop buying old guitars to fix, I might actually learn to play.
Bringing instruments back to life since 2013.

Not to hijack this thread, but I looked at for the first time, and specifically at ‘electric guitars.’ Price plus shipping seemed to be around $300. Lots of LP and strat copies. Most don’t show the headstock, but it appears they’re not afraid to put Gibson or Fender on them. That surprised me. In the 70’s Gibson sued for copyright infringement based on headstock shape, but now the knockoffs actually have the brand name on them!

There was a Jazzmaster copy with ‘Fender’ on the neck plate (and no pics of the headstock). No one here would confuse this for a real fender. For $300, I’d get a used Squier instead.

If I'd stop buying old guitars to fix, I might actually learn to play.
Bringing instruments back to life since 2013.

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