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Permalink want more than just spring reverb? El Pescadoro is here :)

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I make a pre-fender spring reverb that is modeled after great chicago 50's era Chess Records recordings. More than dialing in those specific sounds, it wanders out from the studio's streets to the shallows of Lake Michigan's surf, and down the drain pipes to the subterranean. The two channel verbs are driven by an Octal tube character preamp w both a clean'ish channel and boosted hot channel. Taken from the sounds of early gibson amps.
No hype, its all from my freaky OCPD to get my guitars to give up this sound through the blonde amps I make as well as my quilter bricks.

avail to order on my site here:


Great sounding pedal!! I love mine and could not picture my pedalboard without it!!

Nice playing!

Love my El Pescadoro! It's a mainstay on my pedalboard, too. The darker reverb is amazing. Tavo makes fantastic pedals! I also have the Detroit Casket - now called the Fluid Drive (overdrive), El Fabuloso Seltzerado (fuzz), and the Fuzz Ray (early British '60s fuzz).

The doofus formerly known as Snorre
Surfysonic on YouTube
World Famous Philistines: 2014 - 2015
K39: 2013 - 2014

This is a great sounding pedal

Jill Martini & The Shrunken Heads

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