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Pirecords: Pi records
220 days ago

Pirecords: Craig skelly
220 days ago

Clint: Attention: If your band has a music video or you know of a surf music video, please pass it along and I’ll add it to my YouTube channel: Thanks!
215 days ago

sysmalakian: Birthday month starts now!
181 days ago

diceophonic: Vampiro Classics 2024 reissue
163 days ago

bigtikidude: New link https://m.yo...
135 days ago

bigtikidude: New link https://m.yo...
135 days ago

SabedLeepski: Sunburn Surf Fest for some scorching hot surf music: https://sunb...
120 days ago

skeeter: I know a Polish sound guy.
47 days ago

skeeter: I know a Czech one too!
47 days ago

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This topic was automatically created to discuss the news story SRW201 Surf Britannia - Volume 3.

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Just purchased this and I’m looking forward to listening!

Daniel Deathtide

Shoop shoop Smile

From July 2023 Magnatech will no longer be based in Ireland, but in Nord Rhein Westfalen in Germany.

"Introducing..." (8 September 2021), "Impala '59" (17 July 2022), "De Favorieten Expres!" (22 November 2022 - charity album)
Mr. Magnatech is not afraid of you! (2020), Surfin' the Tolka! (2021), An Evening With Magnatech (2023)
Lana Del Rey/Do You Believe In Surf? (2020), Bundoran/Sweet Surfin' Sabine (2021), Cymopoleia/ Surfin' Demon Twist (2021), Dr Mabuse/Zombie Love Theme (2022)
Surfin' Kitty Xmas Vol. 2 (2021), Surfin' Kitty Xmas Vol. 3 (2022), Sea Sea Rider (2022), Surfin' Britannica vol 3 (2022), Triple Agent IV compilation (2023), Continental Magazine compiler (2023)

Upcoming (as of June 2023):
- LP "Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz" (October/November 2023)

Last edited: Jul 17, 2022 14:04:07

Absolutely agreed, but it’s nice to hear what the kids are doing. I’m essentially 100% disconnected from almost all other new music!

Daniel Deathtide

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