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This has been put off for years, so I figured I need to post at least something to get the ball rolling. I've got three Gomez amps that haven't seen any use in quite some time. A G-Reverb, a Tahitian, and an El Sonido.

The G-Reverb is the prototype of the amp, and I'd assume was Dario's personal amp for a handful of years. The Tahitian was the second one ever sold. The El Sonido came to me as a completed chassis, for which I built this combo cab. It's currently configured as a 2x10 closed back for bass use, but I've also got the original 1x15 baffle I'd made for it around here somewhere.

All of these I bought directly from Dario. Prices seem to be all over the place for all of these, so I've picked numbers leaning towards the lower end of what I could find. $1100 for El Sonido, $1400 for Tahitian. G Reverb is sold! I'll be getting more photos and (maybe) video as soon as I can. Thanks!

Last edited: May 16, 2022 01:57:38

Oh that G-Reverb!

I played that very G-Reverb when Dario first started building. I would be interested in knowing the details and prices. Thanks, Ben

Yes, Dario used to sit in with my band and come over to rehearse with that amp when he was developing it. Lots of the Shadows songs and Dario really enjoyed playing Chris Issac’ Wicked Game thru that amp. It always sounded good…super clear and clean but not to loud. Let us know when you decide on pricing. I’ll find a pics and post.

Craig Skelly


Craig Skelly

These pics are from 2005 at Race for the Cure, Fashion Island, Newport Beach. We did a lot of charities and that one in particular for 15 years straight…Dario joined us a number of times that year to demo his amps. The pic of me with Dario is me playing thru his amp and him tweaking it…I generally played thru my blonde showman with the single 15” tone ring cab.

Craig Skelly

Last edited: May 14, 2022 08:59:14

PM sent.

PM Sent

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