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I started playing guitar in 2013 and fairly quickly decided I wanted to make backing tracks. So, I bought a Squier short-scale Jaguar and found that I really like playing bass. Since my hobby is collecting instruments, I picked up a number of basses over time.

Everyone needs a P-bass, so I got a Fender MIM Squier Series from 1994. A previous owner had scraped off the Squier Series label at the end of the headstock, but it did have ceramic magnets, small pots and the solid black Fender label on the headstock. I put in Alnico V rod magnets and some quality pots, so it is now near a regular MIM.

I have a soft spot for 1980s Peavey guitars, so I got this 1983 Peavey Foundation. I never much cared for the Super Ferrite pickups I had on a Peavey guitar, but these ones on the bass are just fine.

For fun, I wanted a headless bass and this 1988 Steinberger XP2, made in Newburgh, NY, came along. The active pickups are really punchy. I used it on the Fallout backing track that I uploaded here recently.

Finally, I just got this Matsumoku hollowbody, probably from the ‘70s. From the wear on the frets and the pic marks on the pickups and pickguard, it was well played, but from the looks of the finish it was well cared for. I suspect it was stored away somewhere for the last few decades. Fortunately, it’s all original, even with the foam mute. It has a nice, thumpy sound.

Let’s see your basses!

If I'd stop buying old guitars to fix, I might actually learn to play.
Bringing instruments back to life since 2013.

That Matsumoku is envy inducing! Got any sound samples?

I have a black P and a black Bronco but no one needs pics of those. I used the Bronco a lot for recording but then my daily scan of craigslist yielded a Dano Longhorn for dirt cheap. Now it's pretty much the only one I use.

I love how punchy the pickups are and how easy it is to play. Lots of tonal options between the two pickups. And it's light as a feather. Some day I'd like to slap some flatwounds on it but I'm quite happy with it as-is. Anyone looking for an easy bass ought to check one of these out. Also, Zombierella. If you like the sound of Messure Chups, here you go.



MIJ Fender Jaguar (sold), Univox Custom 335, Univox Coily 335 (sold), Ibanez 482 and custom build "Jaguar"


L-R: Fender ’57 Reissue Precision (refinished in Daphne Blue), Fender American Original '60s Precision, Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (refinished in Shell Pink and with a Fender Roasted Maple Vintera '60s Jazz neck and Fender Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass pickups), and Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazz Bass...



The doofus formerly known as Snorre
Surfysonic on YouTube
World Famous Philistines: 2014 - 2015
K39: 2013 - 2014

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Daniel Deathtide

Global short scale (ca. 1975), Fullerton medium scale, Tobias long scale, Douglas short scale (hollow body ca. 2010). The Fullerton and Tobias use active pickups and were new 20 years ago. All use single coil pickups except a humbucker at Douglas' neck. Comparatively speaking, that humbucker sounds like a tuba and I like it lots.

IMO Steinberger G-series is the King of Basses, kudos to ldk.

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Apr 26, 2022 16:50:43


MIJ Jaguar bass and MIM Jaguar bass. Both in Olympic white.

Last edited: Apr 24, 2022 21:30:11

Some of these belong to my little brother, but we share.

4 basses, 4 different scale lengths.
Reading through some bass studies has been my first musical activity of the day for the last 14 months.

Beautiful basses here. Thanks for posting. I thought my bass-buying days were over, but you've given me some ideas.

Redfeather wrote:

That Matsumoku is envy inducing! Got any sound samples?

Thanks. Once I get new strings on it, I'll try to do something.

Squid wrote:

IMO Steinberger is the King of Basses.

It's certainly the king of my basses! I have La Bella flats on it, and it's a joy to play.

If I'd stop buying old guitars to fix, I might actually learn to play.
Bringing instruments back to life since 2013.

Two CIJ & one MIJ Mustang Bass.
They are great players.
The CIJ's have a slightly fatter neck.
Sunburst has Nordstrand mustang pups in it.
All Sprague orange drops and cts pots.
Strung with La Bella flats.
Behind them the amazing Studio Bass amp. Not a design of Leo's but Ed Jahn's.
Blackfaces, eat your heart out!

Last edited: Apr 26, 2022 11:41:12

Fender 1991 MIM Precision - my main bass for the last 29 years. I believe 1991 was the first year of production in Mexico and the reputation for the early ones is poor. Perhaps I got lucky, this one plays really well.

Horner Ignition Club Bass - put some decent flatwounds on and these things really punch above their weight. A great recording bass but I mainly play it live in a non-surf alt-folk trio.


Click here for Spira tunes

The Spiratones - Instro/Surf from the rain-soaked north-northwest of England

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Jill Martini & The Shrunken Heads

Late night senior moment of double posting, my bad! Please delete. Embarrassed

The doofus formerly known as Snorre
Surfysonic on YouTube
World Famous Philistines: 2014 - 2015
K39: 2013 - 2014

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When I'm not playing guitar in the Tentakills, I play bass in a country band. I've learned over the years that I prefer Jazz basses. Here are a few of mine.
The build on the right is also used as a backup with the Tentakills.

Last edited: Apr 30, 2022 09:30:39

2 shorties.


These two get the most use by me, mostly for recording.
Teisco EB-200 Danelectro 3412


These be they.


Got this about 10 years ago to do demos, and just general noodling around.
It's a fantastic bass. Weighs only 5 lbs.
Stringing it with flatwounds really made it come alive.

I only have 1 bass fiddle at the moment but at least it matches my guitar! (My Firebird used to have a Vibramate and Bigsby for surf songs but I could never get it to return to pitch so off it came. My new Hallmark Custom 60 will cover surf ground).


Last edited: May 02, 2022 05:44:06

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