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My new CD "The Cruncher - Who'll Be The Next In Line?" is out now and available at Bear Family in Germany and at Leo's Den Music in England. Of course you can also contact me directly by e-mail.

As with my CD "The Cruncher - X(ten)", I would like to make some remarks about the CD in general and about the titles from the tracklist in detail.

About the CD title: Since I like to find old rock & roll and surf instrumentals from my archive for a cover version, but also pop or rock songs that I personally like very much, I always had the thought: which song do I cover next? - - In addition, I found in the archive the song of the British band "The Kinks" with the title "Who'll Be The Next In Line?", which you can also find as title 1 on this CD in an instrumental version of mine.

Now all I needed was a suitable cover image, and in my search for one I came across the surfer pictured, telling us with all his body language that he has already thrown a few other surfers off their boards and is now looking for more surfers to ram. So he's also asking himself the question, "Who's the next in line?"

By the way: On this CD I also used my new tenor saxophone Yamaha YTS 62 for the first time.

Track Title (Composer)

01 „Who’ll Be The Next In Line?“ (Ray Davis)

The song was first released on 19.03.1965 as B-side of the single "Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy" on the PYE label in England. Later there were some cover versions by other artists like "Francoise Hardy" in 1968 or the "Sir Douglas Quintet" in 1981. An instrumental version is not known to me.

02 „Reveille Rock“ (King, Mack,Conatser)

The single from "Johnny & The Hurricanes" with "Time Bomb" on the B-side was released on 03.Nov.1959 on the Warwick label.
Behind the composers King and Mack are the two producers Irving Micahnik and Harry Balk, and Conatser is Carl Rayden, frontman of the instrumental band "Carl & The Thunders" at that time.

"Reveille" is by origin a traditional U.S. Army bugle call, from which the band created "Reveille Rock". So the same concept was used as with "Red River Rock", which was originally an old country song called "Red River Valley".

"Reveille Rock" was later covered by quite a few rock & roll and surf bands, including, for example, "Don Lang & His Frantic Five" in December 1959 and "The Titans" in August 1963.

03 „Wild Weekend“ (Phil Todaro, Tom Shannon)

The original single by the "Rockin' Rebels" was first released in 1960 on the Marlee label with the instrumental "Wild Weekend Cha-Cha" on the B-side and developed into a classic of instrumental rock & roll. Correspondingly frequent and versatile later cover versions appeared, e.g. of "Bill Justis" 1963, "The Surfaris" 1963, "Jon & The Nightriders" 1987.

04 „Gear!“ (Gary Usher)

My friends know that Gary Usher is one of my absolute favorites from the field of surf music as a composer, producer and singer. For various music productions he gathered top musicians of the early 60's around him and produced several singles and LP's with changing line-ups. These include studio productions under the name "The Hondells", "The Super Stocks", "The Kickstands", etc.

My cover version of the instrumental "Gear!" published here is originally by the Californian surf band "Dave Myers & The Surftones". The single with the song "Let The Good Times Roll" on the back was released in 1964 on the Wickwire label.

05 „Surf Party“ (D. Dunhan, B. Beverly)

For the fans of surf music of the early 60s, the instrumental "Surf Party" by "The Astronauts" is certainly one of the classics. Accordingly, it was often covered by various bands.

I had already released a cover version of mine in 1994 on the compilation CD "NPR's International Beach Ball Vol. 1" which I produced. I had remastered this version in 2021 and added it to the track list of this CD.
The original single of "The Astronauts" with the song "What'd I Say" on the B-side was released in 1964 on the RCA Victor label.

06 „Free Fall“ (Richard Podolor)

In May 1965, the single "Free Fall" was released on Decca by the studio band "The Devons" with the song "Honda Bike" on the back.

Also "The Devons" were a studio band produced by Gary Usher. By the way, the solo guitar on this recording was played by Richie Allen (Richard Podolor). The same recording was released in 2010 on the CD "Go Little Honda / The Hondells - 2 albums on 1 cd as "The Hondells" .
An alternative demo version from 1964 was released in 1994 on the Japanese CD "The Super Stocks - Surf Route 101".

In 2005 I released a cover version of this instrumental on my CD "The Cruncher - 2005" and in 2015 I released the same recording again, but remixed and remastered, on my CD "The Cruncher - Long Walk Home".

The recording now released on this CD I have completely re-recorded and arranged in 2020.

07 „Green Onions“ (Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper,
Lewis Steinberg, Al Jackson jr.)

"Green Onions" was the debut album by "Booker T. & The MGs", released in October 1962 on Stax Records. As an instrumental soul band, they were the house band of Stax Records in the sixties, playing on hundreds of recordings by artists such as Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett and Bill Withers.

Their huge hit "Green Onions" was recorded "by accident" when they started jamming the song during the downtime of a recording session for "Billy Lee Riley". Stax boss Jim Stewart liked what he heard and - without the band's knowledge - began recording their impromptu session. And the rest, as they say, is history.

It goes without saying that there are also quite a few cover versions of this hit, e.g. by "The Ventures" 1963, "King Curtis" 1967, "Count Basie" 1967, "Bill Doggett" 1971, "Roy Buchanan" 1977 etc..

I recorded my cover version in 2021.

08 „Jupiter C“ (Antonelli, Dickerson, Biondi)

In 1958, the American rock & roll band "Pat & The Satellites" released a single on Atco Records with the instrumental "Jupiter 'C'" on the A-side and the song "Oh! Oh! Darling" on the B-side. The saxophone on this was played by King Curtis. I don't know of any other releases by the group.

In 1988 I recorded a cover version of this instrumental and released it on my LP "The Cruncher - Jupiter C" in 1989.

In 2021 I took the title again and recorded it completely new for this CD.

09 „Beach Party“ (Humphrey, Sundquist)

"The Fendermen", a U.S. duo consisting of guitarists Phil Humphrey and Jim Sundquist, released a cover version of the song "Don't You Just Know It" on the A-side and the instrumental "Beach Party" on the B-side on Soma in 1960.

In 1988 I recorded a cover version of the instrumental "Beach Party" and released it on my LP "The Cruncher - Jupiter C" in 1989.

In 2020 I took the title again and recorded it completely new for this CD.

10 „You And Me“ (Jesse Harris)

In 2007 the U.S. American singer - songwriter "Jesse Harris" released his CD "Feel", and on it I found the beautiful song "You And Me". During my research I then came across a cover version of this song by "Solomon Burke", which he released in 2008 on his album "Like A Fire". This version had inspired me so much that I had to record an instrumental cover version of it.

11 „Human“ (Jamie Hartman, Rory Graham)

On July 21, 2016, the British singer - songwriter "Rag 'n' Bone Man" released his song "Human" as a digital download, reaching No. 2 in the UK singles chart on Dec. 23, 2016. Then in February 2017, his debut album "Human" was released.

2020 I took this song for an instrumental cover version.

12 „April Skies“ (William Reid, Jim Reid)

"April Skies" is a pop rock song by Scottish rock band "The Jesus And Mary Chain". The single was released in 1987 and reached #8 on the U.K. single charts.

I recorded my instrumental cover version for this CD in 2021.

13 „Bug Juice“ (Otto Nuss)

The biggest record success of the U.S. American rock & roll band "The Rivieras" was certainly the song "California Sun" from 1963.
The members of the group were

Marty Fortson: vocals and rhythm guitar
Joe Pennell: lead guitar
Doug Gean: bass
Otto Nuss: organ
Paul Dennert: drums

Originally the band was known as "The Playmates". But since another group with the same name already existed, they called themselves "The Rivieras" in reference to the Buick Riviera.

In 1965 they released a single on the Riviera label with the song "Never Feel The Pain" on the A-side and the instrumental "Bug Juice" on the B-side. This instrumental also appeared on their 1965 LP „Campus Party“.

In my version of this instrumental I was more oriented to the sound of "Johnny & The Hurricanes".

14 „Sheena’s Theme“ (Richard Hartley)

This title is the soundtrack to the adventure B-movie "Sheena - Queen of the Jungle" from 1984.

I already released a cover version of the soundtrack to this movie in 1994 on my compilation CD "NPR's International Beach Ball Vol. 1". Since this instrumental has never been released on a solo album of mine, I added it to the tracklist of this CD this time.

15 „Underwater“ (J. Andrews)

In 1961, the U.S. American rock & roll band "The Frogmen" released their single on the Candix label with the instrumental "Underwater" on the A and the instrumental "The Mad Rush" on the flip side.
Actually the complete group with its 6 members was involved in the composition of "Underwater". But since so many names didn't fit on the single, Jack Andrews, who supported the band with distribution, decided to put his name on it.

Originally the group called themselves "The Corsairs". This is also how they recorded their instrumental "The Happy Frog!". However, after Colpix added a guiro to this recording, they changed their name to "The Frogmen" and the title of the instrumental to "Underwater".

In 1988 I recorded a cover version of the instrumental "Underwater" and released it on my LP "The Cruncher - Jupiter C" in 1989. I bought a guiro especially for this purpose.

In 2021 I took the title again and recorded it completely new for this CD.

16 „Misirlou“ (Wise, Rubanis, Leeds)

"Misirlou" is originally a song to accompany a Greek folk dance, which enjoyed great popularity beyond Greece to the Middle East.
The title Misirlou (Greek Μισιρλού) means Egyptian girl.

The first recording, made in 1927, was by Tetos Demetriades. Text versions exist in Arabic and Turkish. In Yiddish, Seymour Rechzeit (later known as Seymour Rexite) recorded the song.

Misirlou gained worldwide success through Dick Dale's 1962 surf-rock version, and since then countless other artists have recorded the song.
In 1994, Dale's instrumental version was used as the opening theme in the movie Pulp Fiction.

In my cover version of Misirlou, I deliberately did not follow the sound of Dick Dale, but rather based it on a cover version by Johnny & The Hurricanes.

17 „Lone Survivor“ (Lloyd Rooney – Tobermann)

The Californian surf band "The Beachcombers" released their single in April 1962 on the Dot label with "Lone Survivor" on the A-side and "Samoa" on the back.

There is already a cover version of "Samoa" by me on my CD "2005".
I guess I've been "carrying" the instrumental "Lone Survivor" around with me since then, because over the years I must have recorded countless versions of it, but never released them. One of them is now on this CD.

18 „Renegade“ (Bobby Sims, Jackie Bradford)

The original of this instrumental comes from the band "The Uniques". Since I found the single from the Australian Strand label with the instrumental "Malaguena" on the back in my archive, it was clear to me: The Uniques is an Australian band. The single was released in 1961.

However, during my current research on the Internet I found some contradictory statements about the origin of this group.
Most probable for me is the following info, which also gives credible information about the band line-up, because here also the name of one of the two composers appears:

"This recording of "The Uniques" is the later backing band of Joe Stampley, a U.S. American country singer before he started his solo career.
The band members were:

Mike Love -- drums, percussion (1963-71),
Ray Mills -- lead guitar (1963-71),
Bobby Sims -- rhythm guitar (1963-68),
Bobby Stampley -- bass (1963-71),
Joe Stampley -- vocals, keyboards (1963-71),
Ronnie Weiss – guitar,
Jim Woodfield -- guitar (replaced Bobby Sims) (1968-71)."

In the late 60's, the writer of this article worked with a man named Jackie Bradford (name of the second composer) and he told him that he was a member of a band in Texas and had some regional hits with that group. He also told of a recording of "Malaguena" on which he played solo guitar."

The only thing that remains now is the discrepancy in the years of the memberships (from 1963), because the original single was already released in 1961.

19 „Hit & Miss“ (John Barry)

I had already recorded this instrumental in 2018 for a later CD.
The original is by the "John Barry Seven plus Four" and was released on Columbia in 1960.

20 „Lonely Seagull“ (W.Oehry)

In 1982 the Swiss instrumental band "The Four Windows" released their single with "Lonely Seagull" on the A and "Southern Sunset" on the back.

In 1988 I recorded a cover version of the instrumental "Lonely Seagull" and released it on my LP "The Cruncher - Jupiter C" in 1989.

The current version is a remaster.


So much history behind the songs and the bands.
Many thanks for sharing these with us, Herbert.

This thread inspired me to dig out my copy of Jupiter C and give it a spin. Listening to it right now. An excellent album with my faves being the covers of Black Boots and Bikes, and The Wasp.


Canadian Surf

Many thanks for your reply. I'm glad you like the LP so much. "Black Boots And Bikes" I had completely re-recorded and re-arranged last year. But since there are already some other earlier releases of mine on the CD, I scheduled it for 2023.

Great to hear that more is coming out. Jupiter C was recommended to me by a very knowledgeable local record store owner back in the 90’s. It is pretty amazing that the record made it to a small independent store here in Halifax, NS, Canada. Keep on making those great recordings!


Canadian Surf

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