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Permalink Are there any Mosrite body or neck builders out there?

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Wanting to piece together a Mosrite over time. I've noticed that the individual parts are hard to find. Is a great quality trem unit even available? Or neck / body builder?


If you find a neck builder that won't flake out and can make one at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable time frame I'd love to hear about it! I've had 3 failed attempts in the past 10 years (3 different people).

Hallmark sells their version of the vibrato, so I would look into that. As for necks, I have no idea where to look.

I looked into this briefly in the past and couldn’t find a good source of mosrite style/replica pickups. I would look into that as well before diving in.

It seems like you’re looking to recreate an original mosrite which is hard to source. If you mostly want the mosrite shape, Rosser guitars (no affiliation) on eBay has a pine body and a maple over mahogany body you could order. I’m sure you could get it without the bridge holes cut and use the surface mounted hallmark vibrato and bridge. You might be able to talk them into using a different wood or pickup routes. If you were to order just out of their listed options, some tv jones (filtertrons or t-armonds) could make an awesome guitar that you could use for surf, but likely not what you’re looking for.


New music!


I gave up on finding a builder years ago. So - I did it myself.
I picked up a body here, a neck there, knobs, nuts, etc. the same way with pickups from Ed Elliot that pop up on the internet sites from time to time.
There was a recent Ventures Mosrite "part out" on Ebay a week or two back. It was a 1964 neck and body that needed a total restore. It went for $800.00+; the case went for near $350.00

I see original Vibramute tailpieces going for $500-$1100.00 on EBAY
This stuff is hard to find and hence, expensive.
I always liked the guitar, so my parts stash goes back decades. If I sold any of it now, it's a good bet that I'd never see any of it again. Gone is gone.
Have you tried the Japanese or Chinese markets?
Good luck to you
J Mo'

Mel Waldorf from the is a regular here. He may be the guy to ask when searching for parts. Another member is Ludobag, who built a mosrite from scratch. Maybe he can help with parts or tips.


Why bother when you can buy a Hallmark for $999? Although, expect a price increase in the near future.

taijiguy wrote:

Why bother when you can buy a Hallmark for $999? Although, expect a price increase in the near future.

Because I have a Combo that came with a destroyed neck (huge divots in the fretboard, worn out frets, backbow). The rest of the guitar is in good shape.

There's someone selling templates for Mosrite style neck and body: Mosrite Templates

You might want to try to contact Bob Shade from Hallmark Guitars. Before Hallmark, Bob restored and built Mosrites. I'm pretty sure he still does custom work.

I think he does custom Hallmarks and repairs/restoration on Mosrites, but when I asked he said he couldn't make a replacement neck for me.

Ed Elliott builds them and worked with Semi in the 70's.

Here is the link to his facebook page. A very nice man.

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