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Permalink The Cotton Kids at "hush!" Concerts, bringing back surf rock to our city after decades

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It was really surreal that The Cotton Kids got invited to play surf at the Hush Concerts!!!! Thanks to those who came over to see us! We were completely exhausted and even our 12 year old bass player Twinkle had a heat stroke during rehearsal! But, it was so much fun at hush! The chance for playing on these awesome stages and to have such great crowds were amazing, especially many said they have not had anyone playing surf music on stage in our city for decades! I think the two girls, Mina Pang and Twinkle (aged 11 and 12) were the only young kids playing on the big stage at hush!, our annual Summer concert. I know, it's November, but it has been postponed a few times due to the pandemic. But finally...

I think this footage is the official debut of Jennifer playing for The Cotton Kids. What good luck to have run into her and we enjoy jamming, practicing, hanging out and gigging together. Sank you, Jennifer!

Hope you enjoy our performance!


Last edited: Nov 15, 2021 03:54:00


So cool! Great sound. That stage is huge! That looks so fun. I like your arrangements, and it’s so awesome to see you two in a band!

Daniel Deathtide

DeathTide wrote:

So cool! Great sound. That stage is huge! That looks so fun. I like your arrangements, and it’s so awesome to see you two in a band!

The stage was awesome! We normally play on smaller stages and this one, man! And the team of technicians, stage managers, assistants, producers, directors, boy...we were so lucky! The city normally invites only the big local bands and really famous bands from abroad to play here in this summer concert. This year, someone saw us, and I guess they thought they needed something a bit different and we got invited. I am glad the kids did well, and that we finally have a really cool and pretty drummer. Many folks came over later and told us they used to dig surf in the 60s and all (okay, they were much older than me) but the genre sort of disappeared in our city. They were quite pleasantly shocked some really young kids (us) are trying to bring it back to town; then the younger generations of audiences looked at us like a novelty! All I knew was, they all had a smile on their face, the organizers were happy, and we were happy. We got paid to perform and had lots of fun (you can see on our faces). How cool is that?!

It was supposed to take place like in July. It didn't happen till November, on "Start of Winter" on our almanac. hahaha! later is better than never.

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