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I've been learning this Ventures tune called "The Lonely Sea". It is in a chord solo style and is a beautiful ballad. Absolutely gorgeous. Has anyone transcribed this too? If so I'd be eager to trade performance notes. I do a lot of transcriptions, so if anyone has requests, let me know. Aloha and Shalom.

Aloha and Shalom. R. I. P. Lee Hazelwood.

i am not a Ventures fan, but is it by any chance an instrumental version of the beach boys' "the Lonely Sea"? for all i know the Ventures' song could have came first, but i have no idea, im just relating with the info i know.

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Different song.

kk just checking.

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i am not a Ventures fan,

Have you heard their Live in Japan '65 album?

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The live in Japan CD changed me from " Not really a Ventures fan" to "The Ventures rule!" Those guys ripped back then!


"You can't tell where you're going if you don't know where you've been"

I guess I need to find a copy of Live in Japan '65...I sure hear a lot about it here at SG101.


i first fell in love with the lonely sea in 1964 when my guitars teacher lent me all his ventures record. the surfing record(i still have the record that he lent me) it was allways my fav and the lonely sea was my fav tune on the disc(writing by don wilson) i would spend hours playing it over and over while watching old super 8 surfing clips of dora and phil edwards (which i bought form "surfer" mag at the time) it had all those great surf sounds at the begining and end and that for me really captured what surfing was all about for me.the tune start on A and go's to A-Amin,G-Gmin, F-Fmin then E.the verse is F,G,C,Gmin play twice then end on E.i think a lot of you young bloods mit find it a bit slow or not enough rev and clang and bang for your taste but after you spend a lot of time in the water you will some day hopefully get what the tune is all about kinda like the endless summer theme in a way

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I'm glad others dig this tune too. I keep refining my version of the tune as I go and just know someone has got it already figured out. The surf and sea bird sound effects come in really loud, then the tune fades in. I dig the Hawaiian surfing champion photo on the cover. One of my most treasured thrift store/ flea market finds. It may be old and corny, but I love this kind of music. I thought the chords were A, G, C, A. Then transposed up to D, C, F, D. My A chord is spelled A, C#, E on the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st strings. I've got the melody starting on the 3rd string and leading into the above mentioned A chord.

Aloha and Shalom. R. I. P. Lee Hazelwood.

Dora LIVES!!!!!!!

The Mighty Surf Lords- Sparks,Nv.
"Praise The Lords"

Real nice pickin and writing on that youtube video of your band. Cool stuff.

Aloha and Shalom. R. I. P. Lee Hazelwood.

Hi All , does anybody have a Backing track for The Lonely Sea ? love to have a go at this tune

Sonichris wrote:

The live in Japan CD changed me from " Not really a Ventures fan" to "The Ventures rule!" Those guys ripped back then!


Not “back then”. I saw them (Nokie, Bob, Don and Leon) 41 years later in 2006 and even though Nokie had to sit the entire show they absolutely rocked! They were super tight and it was like Live in Japan ‘65... but LIVE!


Last edited: Aug 03, 2022 14:50:27

Bobby Fuller covered that song.

Ernst Burns has posted a YT cover of The Lonely Sea (Ventures cover) which is not a tutorial, but the melody is very easy to see and follow. You can also find the chords, which are also very easy on...the "net" Hope this is helpful.

Happy Sunsets!

Last edited: Aug 04, 2022 13:40:53

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