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Started playing in 1964, on a Harmony Rocket, through a Sears 2x12 amp, both of which were purchased by my parents. As my band started to actually get paid, I would come home and plunk down my band pay on the kitchen table..and was very pleased with myself!

I love these stories, actually any old stories along with the pictures too. I’m in the process of making a 60s “garage band” scrapbook for my dad, containing pictures along the years of his many 60s bands, as well as lists of gear used, funny stories, song lists, and such. Sort of a time capsule of that time, for him and mainly me to remember those good times that have gone but still remain in memory. I wasn’t alive back then but I feel like I was in a sense, by learning all I can about the 60s. The book is looking good so far, and once I finish his book, I want to make more on that era. I hope that one day in the future, others will find this information as inspiring to them as it is to me, growing up decades far from the 60s physically but right there mentally.

So if you can, keep those stories and old pics of those days coming please. There’s plenty others out there that are listening and I’m sure there’s many young people like me that would rather hear these than watch the junk on tv. Thanks for the time, as this is gold! I sincerely mean this.

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