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Just ran across a new video on the Bambi Molester's youtube channel but this band. It's a vocal but I did some digging. Here are the band members listed on the video:

Branko Radovančević - vocal
Dalibor Pavičić - guitar, baritone guitar
Matko Botić - guitar
Mislav Kurspahić - bass
Ivan Horvatić - drums

I also found a full instrumental from them at which I am really digging.

I see some people have played them on their radio shows but I didn't see a thread here about them. What does everybody think?



Ha! I'm one of the people that played them on a radio show, but I didn't look into the people involved at all. I really liked that instro, hope there's more

Storm Surge of Reverb: Surf & Instro Radio

Have you got a link to the Bambi Molester's video you are talking about?
I checked out the band camp you linked. It sounded exactly like the Bambi Molester's sound.
I thought they were quits as a band.

Can't remember if I posted this before, but... The Bambi Molesters play through the opening credits for Arde Madrid, a Spanish series (comedic farce about Ava Gardner's time in Spain) on the MHZ Choice streaming channel.

Rev. Willis

The video is on the Bambi Molester's youtube channel but it is of B.Confidential & The Secret Four and not the Bambi Molesters. The video is also age restricted which means you need to log in to view it. I believe Dalibor is the only one from the Bambi Molesters in the Secret Four.

I did find another video (below) of the Secret Four playing some songs that the Bambi's played.


Last edited: Oct 13, 2021 01:18:45

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