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Permalink The Return of the Fuzz! Ennio Standard and Ultimate Trilogy - Now for Sale!

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After taking a much-needed break from the pedal game this year, I'm back at the workbench with a vengeance to crank out some of my killer buzz boxes!

The Ennio Standard Fuzz: Based on the Mosrite Fuzzrite, this has become THE benchmark buzzbox for that snarly, gnarly ripsaw fuzz so prominent in 60s surf, spaghetti and biker music. It also rips new holes in psychedelic styles, and I have quite a few rocker/metal types who are loving it after growing tired of all the Muff-alikes out there. $125 plus shipping.

Ennio Ultimate Trilogy: Big-box version that adds my exclusive Trilogy Control - a variable gain knob that leaves all the high end intact. Perfect for players who want that Maestro and Fuzzrite tone on tap but are worried it might be too "one trick" for them. $160 plus shipping.

All my pedals feature top-notch construction, hand-finished enclosures and top-mount jacks to maximize the squeeze factor on your board.

I have a couple Standards on the bench that are available for purchase, and I'm taking pre-orders on Ultimates since I quickly sold out of those.

Drop me a line if you're interested and I'll get you on the list!



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heh, I was just looking at a spaghetti-western style fz-2 kind of thing, and was digging the pale rider, but it's no longer made.
I'd be interested in the trilogy

curious, what did the older custom 4 knob version do?

Hey Bustercat! Thanks for the interest!

The 4-knob was a one-off custom I did that added a more traditional tone control onto my typical 3-control circuit. Fun experiment but I personally didn't dig it, so I don't offer it anymore.

Just PM'd you on the Trilogy, FYI...

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I've got one each of Ty's Ennio Trilogy fuzz, and his Takezo Overdrive, both of which I absolutely love. Outstanding pedals producing great tone, and solidly built. A+


Last edited: Aug 23, 2021 23:08:19

The Del-Vipers

Last edited: Aug 26, 2021 11:32:30

Looks like your Inbox is full

The Del-Vipers

The most musical fuzz I've ever encountered. You can hear it in action at the 2:10 mark of this demo from 3-4 years ago.


"I knew I was in trouble when the Coco-Loco tasted like water!" -- morphball

Murph! That is GLORIOUS!! Love the tune, love the tone. Fantastic work!

Oh, and for anyone interested the first set of pedals in my Sep/Oct batch are off the bench. I have a couple Standards and a couple Ultimate Trilogies ready to ship, so drop me a PM if you're interested!

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Sounds great

Craig Skelly

Ty was swell enough to do some custom knobery for me. Sounds great, thanks Ty!



The Del-Vipers

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