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Permalink Jimmy Dale with Dusty n Sam, Nor cal show

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Outside, daytime


I'll be there! It's a really nice setup the Ivy and Fireside have going there.

No Springs, the premiere lo-fi bedroom one-man surf band!

I was hoping some bands could get another gig sat night, or Sunday afternoon. Would make it more worth driving up.


Jimmy Dale was good! His image is way different from his dad (think baseball cap and medium-length black beard ) but his delivery of Dick tunes was fine. His tone ,despite the gold guitar and single Fender Showman setup was not quite as feral and 'hitting -on-all-frequencies' as his dad's , but he got all the tunes right and, in his own fashion, artfully added a lot of the use of ringing harmonics in his note selection. And he was funny !After the first verse of 'Shake and Stomp', he stopped the band and mock-berated the audience "Hey ! That's where YOU all have to shout 'Shakes and Stomp'! Here's the riff(plays riff)! Now YOU all go'Shake and Stomp'! , which the audience gleefully did. When he brought up ex-Deltone Ron Eglit to play bass on one song, he told bassist
Sam Bolle, '"OK, get outta here!" ,which sounds harsh on paper but was delivered with love and good humor. AND needless to say, long -time Dick Dale rhythm section of Sam and ace drummer Dusty Watson were thunderously powerful, precise, and, well, overall AWESOME of course! Dusty currently sports an untamed beard and long hair, you might kick him off your doorstep if you didn't know who he was, but, hey, this Covid hiatus has been tough on all of us, we'll see how long he keeps 'the fashion' ! The last song, of course was an amazing rendition of 'Misirlou' played in all sorts of riff variations. Looking forward to more Jimmy gigs !!!

Thanks for the report Dave!

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