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Permalink LA friends... asking a favor for my son who is moving there in July

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Los Angeles friends,

My youngest son Jacob just graduated from Shenandoah Conservatory with a BFA in acting (magna cum laude). He just returned from LA today and secured an apartment in North LA on Camarillo Street. He wants an entry level job at a studio or agency or something “in the business” just to get in and start learning. He's smart and motivated. If anyone has friends at a studio who is looking for quality help, please send me a message and Ill forward his info, or he will contact them. Any direction is much appreciated!



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Last edited: Jun 07, 2021 14:57:33

Your son should join LINKEDIN. He should also set up an account with INDEED and other job search platforms. His best sources for finding work in the entertainment industry is through networking. It's an old saying but it all about who you know. Often openings are never advertised and are filled by word of mouth referrals. Good luck and with some luck he will eventually get where he needs to be.

Happy Sunsets!

is your son interested in live production at all? Gigs are becoming available. camarillo street if in noho is pretty close to a lot of live production companies with whom I worked quite often.

I was the head Audio and Video Supervisor at a 1700 capacity venue down there for 5 years until 2019, I have colleagues and contacts or suggestions for places to enquire with.

getting into studio stuff is very hard there. Most of my employees wanted to be recording engineers, but settled for live work. I had a few actors as well who wanted to at least get gigs in the industry between acting roles. One of my better employees is an actor/live production tech that lives in noho.

Last edited: Jun 08, 2021 15:59:16

Thanks much. He’s getting on Indeed and Linkedin. He’s open to anything in the biz. We are hoping, as things reopen, they are having a hard time finding enough good people as everywhere else, and maybe he’s hitting LA at the right time. It is Definitely who you know out there.


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Some colleges and universities are planning to open this fall. Perhaps now is a good time to touch base with campus theaters to see what they have planned and need for professional employment.

Happy Sunsets!

i work for a university in norcal and we just FINALLY brought back 4 (out of our 80+) overhires for their first gig two days ago. surferbill, i’ll PM you some names of places for him to check out soon. Since I don’t know your sons skill level, I can’t recommend specific people to talk to, but I’ll check with my colleagues and see if they’re willing to give some info as well.

Last edited: Jun 09, 2021 16:08:37

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