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Permalink Fender reissue 6g15 trouble

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Ive used the search forum but didnt find the same problem. Anyway when it has been on for about 20 minutes it just stops working, the reverb goes away. If i kick it it just makes a scraping sound, hardly noticeable, if i shut it off for a while it works again, for the same amount of time. Its so much trouble sending things away for repair so i hope its something simple. i have swapped all the tubes to no avail. One more question, the tank is the only thing ive got that is a reissue so i wonder is it worth the trouble and money to import a 60's 6g15? Also if i do can i use the 220 volt transformer since im from Sweden.

Something similar happened to me at practice the other night. My tank went completely dry about a half hour in. After some quick knob turning, it started working normally again. I would strongly urge you to have an immediate backup on your pedal board, ready to go with the push of a button.

For me, this is my SurfyBear Compact. It's the perfect backup reverb and gives me peace of mind. I know this didn't answer your question, but I thought I would chime in anyway to offer you some advice.

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Last edited: May 10, 2021 19:22:02

Ok thanks, i havent tried to turn the knobs, ill see if it helps. I had a Surfy Bear but sold it to a friend.

  1. Make sure cords (rca) tubes and everything is tight
  2. If you kick it to make the crash sound, do this less or stop all together (if you can)
  3. It's possible that there is a cold solder joint somewhere, and when the reverb tubes warm up the inside, the solder gets looser and disconnects
  4. Make sure all tubes work and look ok when the issue happens (meaning no red plating of tubes)
  5. You may need a decent tech to check it out, don't go probing unless you know what you're doing

I only kicked it to see if it gave a clue to where the problem is. I will take it apart a look for a cold solder, if it aint it ill just try to find a non reissue unit. Thanks for the advice.

I found the problem, it was the reverb can, bought a new one from tube amp doctor and problem solved.

Crimedontpay wrote:

I found the problem, it was the reverb can, bought a new one from tube amp doctor and problem solved.

That’s good to hear. Nothing makes a Surf guitarist unhappier than a sick tank. Smile

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