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Permalink Fender '63 Reissue Reverb Unit Prices

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I was looking to pickup a used reissue Fender '63 Reverb Unit... when did used prices hit $1000+ ? These use to be $300-$450 all day. (Kind of like those FRV1 inflation prices) NOW, just because used Fender 63 Reverb units are priced at $1000+ doesn't mean they are selling Smile

Last edited: Apr 05, 2021 16:32:08

Everything is crazy right now for any type of collectible. In this case, they're out of production. In general, supply chains have been disrupted for more than a year now. A lot of people have been stuck inside during this mess and they're getting antsy. And this has precipitated the old "Omigod, if I don't get one now, I'll never be able to get one." And in the US, a good chunk of the population just got $2000 handed to them, regardless of whether or not they needed it. So I'm not convinced that the long-term outlook has changed that much.

If you look at the price graph for the last 3 years or so here - - it just looks to me like an average of around $500 with some pretty wild swings over the last year. Look at the low average prices last March and before Xmas 2020.

Askin' ain't gettin'. We'll see what happens, but I'm not buying into this "Gotta have one" mentality. Hell, I need nothing anyway. None

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covid era pricing is insane on everything. pretty crazy (the pedal market is in its own absurd renaissance right now) i just build my own cloned fender gear these days for less than half the price all in.

if I had time I'd build a few reverb units to let go for cheap.

you could always ride the surfybear wave. the new blue "metal" version is quite the looker.

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