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Permalink Fender USA 62 reissue stratocaster 1987-1988?

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Hi everybody! Are these years good for reissues? I've heard some good word about Fullerton reissues, but what about early Corona? Planning tо try it this week, but want to know your opinion.

Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine

The early Corona AVRI Fenders are great as are the later and current Coronas.

The main difference as compared to the Fullertons is that the Coronas were built in a more modern, updated factory with some newer equipment, whereas the Fullerton's were built in the older factory that had older machinery.

I have a Fullerton Strat and two Fullerton basses and while they are great instruments, aside from some minor details the Coronas are equally good instruments cosmetically and sonically, at least in my opinion.

The '82-84 Fullerton-built ones have become collector's items in some circles primarily because of how and where they were built. The then-recently reorganized post-CBS Fender company is said to have given special attention to the new AVRI lineup but they also significantly improved the quality control on all the guitar and bass lines. There was no "Custom Shop" back then and what I've read was that the AVRI's were the closet thing to that at the time.

BTW, the Lake Placid Blue Strat in your picture looks great!

aka WoodyJ

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Overall, I think the early Corona-built guitars are the best reissues Fender ever made. I owned 3 Fullerton reissues (2 Tele, 1 Strat) and 4 86-87 Corona reissues (2 Tele, 2 Strat - 1 Fiest Red, 1 Surf Green). I thought the fit/finish, playability, and attention to detail was significantly better on the early Coronas. I really do think they paid a lot of extra attention to the reissues for the first few years to try to get it right. I mistakenly traded the Fiesta Red to get a '37 Gibson ES-150.

One of the Fullerton Teles was super special, but it had more to do with a great re-fret and the fact that the pickup winder must have fallen asleep at the machine and wound it to just the right level I wanted. And the body was a super light piece of swamp ash. But the neck was super thin (front-to-back) and wide (side-to-side), which had its good and bad points. All 3 Fullerton reissues had radically different neck profiles.

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Thanks! I also heard that these strats got puckips different from 57/62 in 90th, a little hotter and darker, is it true?

Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine

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