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Today I combined two of my favorite music genres: gypsy jazz and surf rock. Here is my take on the haunting Tchan Tchou Vidal tune "Les Deux Guitares" with a drippy outboard reverb tank drenchend Jaguar.



Wowee! You are a total badass. This is truly great I love it so much!

Daniel Deathtide

Love it!



Hi, I'm Gellert, guitarist for The Fintastics.


The artist formerly known as: Synchro

When Surf Guitar is outlawed only outlaws will play Surf Guitar.

This sounds really good! We want more Smile

Beach Bomb - Black Surf from the cold waters of Norway!


It is never too late

Thatis trully excellent.

Thank you for sharing your amazing ability! As a fan of Gypsy Jazz I have long wondered what it would sound like to hear that style and techinque on a surf set up. Now that I have, my own reaction is a little surprising to me. It isn't the gear so much that makes surf music, it's the beat. You can use a jag and a tank and a Showman and trem bar flourishes, but as long as there is La Pompe rhythm it just can't be surf music.

Which has nothing to do with your intent or skill, only one listeners (mine) subjective reaction.

"Man of Mystery" performed by John Jorgenson (of The Hellecasters, Elton John's Band, etc) is a great example of gypsy jazz virtuoso surf. There is also a video of Jorgenson performing part of this song live; it's amazing

Another great is "The Godfather" performed by Swing de Gitanes trio (translates to Gypsy Swing)


I think a better example would be to take a staple of the gypsy jazz genre and give it a surf music treatment. This is the best example I know: "Les Yeux Noirs (Dark Eyes) as played by Eddie and the Showmen.

Thank you all for the (mainly) very positive feedback! Let’s see, maybe there will be some more in the future Smile

That may just be the coolest thing I’ve heard this year!

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