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I came across this period picture from Arthur's Music Store captioned "The Surf Era". I thought the group might like seeing all those custom colored Jazzmasters and Jaguars on that back wall. This is what it used to be like walking into your neighborhood music store back in the day. Sigh.


BTW, if you go to their website, be sure to check out the other photos at the top of the homepage...especially the in period pic of the '58 Flying V (one of less than a hundred Gibson sent out). It is now in the collection of Joe Bonamassa. Google it. It's quite a story.

Good lord. Drooling.

The cost of a new Fender Jaguar in 1962 was $379.50, factor in inflation and that's $3287.10 in today's money. Worth it though.

And i wonder what it smelled like in that room, probably like cigarettes. Nice.

Last edited: Mar 01, 2021 20:54:36

Ack! It’s like seeing photos of news stands in the early 50s stocked high with EC and other pre-code comics... Yow!

Daniel Deathtide

SandBug, I had forgotten how expensive they were adjusted for inflation! And Daniel, as a fan of EC comics I like how you think! I also like looking at old pictures of newsstands and spinner racks.

I've been to the store a number of times over the years as I live in the same city. I recall my first visit where one of the guys who worked there at the time showed me a binder full of old photos. One that stuck out was of 6-8 Mosrites clustered together on the wall. He, probably correctly, stated they were all in Japan by now. It's a cool store, still in the same family, and it has a good, old, and friendly "vibe." A friend told me they have a pretty strong track record for turning up killer gear, and that Bonamassa guy pretty much always gets the first call.

Hey very cool! Yeah, I don't suppose a guy puts a collection together like Bonamassa without a great network and putting lot of feelers out there. Interesting that he became aware of those store photos of the Flying V years ago when they were posted online. He even used them as computer screen savers! He finally bought one that had been in the collection of Norm's Rare guitars since the 70s, and it turns out it's the same one ordered by Arthur's back in '58! Small world!

Since then he has found and bought two more. Yeah, he has it bad!!

How I miss those old days!..

This should be Photo of the Day !

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