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Permalink Anyone thinking of Marauder type 2 build? Need 5 who want a neck...

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I'm gathering up intel and pieces for a type 2 Marauder build. Got the majority of it. Only hard part is a neck. Closest I can find is a Starcaster shape Warmoth offers. Musikraft can do a true type 2 neck - but it's a custom neck. The fee for a one off is 750 bucks... But if I get 6 or more, the fee is gone.

I know it's a long shot, but if anyone is planning on ever building one or just want to put the neck on a Jazzmaster or Strat.. hop in. I need 5 more people. If not, Starcaster neck is the backup plan.

Up to 4 total necks. Just need 2 more (or more! the more the merrier!) people. Slap one on a Jazzmaster, grab one now for a future build, help some brothers out! Spread the word if you can. You can still customize the neck options too.

What are the details? I'm not very well versed on the Marauder.

Toneschaser wrote:

What are the details? I'm not very well versed on the Marauder.

There was the unreleased Fender Marauder. This had 'hidden' pickups beneath the pickguard. Looked really sleek. I'd like to make one of these one day too. This has been dubbed the Fender Marauder 'type 1'.

The Fender Marauder 'type 2' is another unreleased Fender. This seems to be the culmination of a lot of Fender guitars at the time. With enough switches to impress NASA. There's very few recreations, and almost all of them don't have the cool 'type 2' Marauder neck swoop. It's close to the Starcaster (which Warmoth offers as a 'Mooncaster' for copyright reasons) but the 'type 2' headstock is cooler.

I've already got 6 people needed now to forgo the fee. You would be able to customize your neck as normal, too. We aren't all locked into the same specs. I've got this topic up on - check it out. I'm going to wait a day or two but then I'll email Musikraft and ask how to proceed.

Hopefully since they're programming the CNC machine for this headstock, it will perhaps be an option for all future Marauder builds. Or for some flavor on a Strat or Jazzmaster. So I think some future nerds will benefit from me putting this together!

i was going to ask if you're on OSG and shortscale, then i recognized your name! I wish I was in the market for one (currently waiting on a Harvester) but I will watch for new build threads with enthusiasm!

Last edited: Feb 23, 2021 01:37:44

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