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These are either duplicates or ones that I don't listen to much anymore. Most of these have only been played once or twice, because for a long time I've been ripping CDs as soon as I get them, because I didn't want to take CDs with me when I was doing my radio shows for 16 years. Just email me any that you want. The cost per CD will be anywhere from free to a few dollars, plus shipping. There are surf CDs, including rautalanka, etc., but also other genres, including rockabilly. All are for sale, regardless. Sending one CD is kind of a hassle. Plus shipping will be more than you'll pay for the CD! So, I prefer to send multiple CDs.

Tom Hinders (TomH)

  1. _Beach Party - Garpax Surf 'N' Drag (Ace)
  2. _Better Than the Average Weekend- A Tribute to Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (Deep Eddy)
  3. _Big D.C. Jamboree, Vol. 3 (Run Wild)
  4. _Big Surf Hits (Del-Fi)
  5. _Blastered- a Musical Tribute to The Blasters (Run Wild)
  6. _Board Boogie- Surf 'n' Twang from Down Under (Big Beat)
  7. _Chinese Checkers (Wildebeest)
  8. _Classic Rock & Roll Instrumental Hits (MCA)
  9. _Crucial Rockin' Blues (Alligator)
  10. _Double Whammy (DBP International)
  11. _East Coast Fury (Hotrod Fury - East Coast Tremors) (Reverb-O-Phonic)
  12. _Get a Board (Satan)
  13. _Golly Gee Records Sneak Peak (Golly Gee)
  14. _Guitar Mania, Vol. 1 (Rarity)
  15. _Guitar Mania, Vol. 2 (Rarity)
  16. _Guitar Mania, Vol. 12 (Rarity)
  17. _Hard Rock Café - Surf (Rhino)
  18. _Instro Mania! Vol. 2 (Gee-Dee)
  19. _Instrumental Fire (MuSick)
  20. _Leather Soul, Vol. 1 - Where the Bop Meets the Buzz (00Soul)
  21. _Missing Chord (Snatch)
  22. _NESMAlive! (Beach House)
  23. _Northcoast Kicks (Pixler)
  24. _Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 (Rockabilly Hall of Fame)
  25. _Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vol. 2 (Rockabilly Hall of Fame)
  26. _Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vol. 3 (Rockabilly Hall of Fame)
  27. _Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Vol. 4 (Rockabilly Hall of Fame)
  28. _Rockabilly Rumble (Raucous - Golly Gee)
  29. _Rockabilly Showdown, Vol. 1 (Golly Gee - HumTone)
  30. _Rough House Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2 (Rough House - On the Hill)
  31. _Shake Baby Shake (Be Be's Records)
  32. _Shrink to Fit, Vol. 1- Blue Jean Boppers (Slick 501) [2 copies]
  33. _Shrink to Fit, Vol. 2- Cotton Pickin’ Rockers (Slick O Rama)
  34. _Shrink to Fit, Vol. 3- Red Blue Jeans (Slick O Rama)
  35. _Sounds from the Inside, Vol. 2- CMusic Sampler no. 2 (California Music)
  36. _Sundazed Sampler #2 (Sundazed)
  37. _Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain, Pt. 2 (AIP)
  38. _Three-Way Vol. 1 (Deep Eddy)
  39. _Underground Fire Plays The Ventures, Vol. 007 - Spy Adventure Themes
  40. _Voodoo News (NV)
  41. _Walldorf Rock 'N' Roll Weekender 2009 (Part)
  42. _Wax, Board and Woodie (Varese Sarabande)
  43. _Wildebeest Records Sampler (Wildebeest)
  44. _Yellow Dog Records 2003-2004 Sampler- Inspired Explorations of Americas' Musical Roots (Yellow Dog)
  45. 9th Wave_3 CD Sampler (Beach House)
  46. 45 Spider_Bloodbath of Fuzz (45 Spider)
  47. '63 Burnout_Trouble at the Speedway (Go Guitar!)
  48. Acoustic Surf Tones_Live at the Cutting Room NYC November 27, 2004 (Beach House)
  49. Adkins, Hasil_What the Hell Was I Thinking (Fat Possum)
  50. Ahern, Kenny_Surfing Bagpipes (Kenny Ahern)
  51. Allen, Robbie_Artificial Horizon (M-3 California)
  52. Allen, Robbie and the Outer Edge_Lost In The Sweep (M-3 California)
  53. Amazing Royal Crowns_[Self-titled] (Monolyth - Soundproof)
  54. Amino Acids_Humanity Will Fall Like Pins (Amino Acids)
  55. Aqua Vista_The Gentleman Racer Limited Edition Mini LP (Fuzzpop)
  56. Aqualads and Friends_Oso Grande Christmas - A Tribute To Rodney Lanier (Aqualads and Friends)
  57. Arrows_Volume 2 - Step Out (Rarity)
  58. Atomics_Sterling Park Accent (Run Wild)
  59. Atomics_The Atomic Age (Jungle)
  60. Balboas_Duvel's Advocate- The Balboas Live In Europe (Burn 'N' Surf)
  61. Ballistic Cats_[Self-titled] (Ballistic Cats)
  62. Ballistic Cats_Studebaker Love Story (Ballistic Cats)
  63. Bartrina, Eduardo_Cleaning Up (H.M.R.)
  64. Bartrina, Eduardo_Plan 'B' (H.M.R.)
  65. Bates, Big John_Flamethrower (Devil Sauce Recordings)
  66. Beat Farmers_Best of the Beat Farmers (Curb)
  67. The Beechwoods_Party Time Discotheque (Double Crown)
  68. Binge_Il Cattivo (The Binge)
  69. Black Widows_Arocknaphobia (Vital Gesture)
  70. Blue Moon Boys_Sticks And Stones (Beat Time)
  71. Blue Taxi_’While My Guitar Gently Weeps [single]’ (Blue Taxi)
  72. Bomboras_Savage Island! (Dionysus)
  73. Bone Sharks_Pray for Surf (Bonefied)
  74. Bone Sharks_Sonic Tsunami (Bonefied)
  75. Bonney & Buzz_Bang It Again! (Double Crown)
  76. Bonney & Buzz_Play Rough (Double Crown)
  77. Bonney & Buzz_Rock-Ola (Double Crown)
  78. Brian (Locking) & Eduardo (Bartrina)_Latin Shadows (H.M.R.)
  79. Buckshots_3 Jacks High (Heptown)
  80. Buckshots_Too Hot 2 Handle (Heptown)
  81. Búfalos D'água_Clássicos da Surf Music (Búfalos D'água)
  82. Buick 55's_Thrill Of The Year (Buick 55's)
  83. Chardiet, Simon_Bug Bite Daddy (Upstart)
  84. Cigar Store Indians_[Self-titled] (Landslide)
  85. Civil Tones_Soul Bucket (Pravda)
  86. Clapton, Eric_From the Cradle (Reprise)
  87. Clee-Shays_The Dynamic Guitar Sounds of the Clee-Shays (Sundazed)
  88. Cobras, Los_De Capello (Los Cobras)
  89. Cochran, Eddie_Cruisin' the Drive-In (Rockstar)
  90. Cochran, Eddie_The Early Years (Ace)
  91. Coconauts_Get Coco-Naughty! (Deep Eddy)
  92. Coffman, Tim_Beach & Guitar (Rolltop)
  93. Coffman, Tim_Big Wave Gypsies [radio single] (Rolltop)
  94. Coffman, Tim_Music from Beach Boulevard (Rolltop)
  95. Concussions_Fall In love With The Concussions (Double Crown)
  96. Concussions_Introducing the Concussions (Bee-Jay)
  97. Concussions_Magic Fingers (Double Crown)
  98. Concussions_Newaygo Sound Machine (Double Crown)
  99. Cutback_Covered (Cutback)
  100. Cutback_Hang Six (Cutback)
  101. Cyclones_Street Altered (Heptown)
  102. Dagmar and the Seductones_Come Back To Me (Tym)
  103. Dagmar and the Seductones_Little Bitta Love (Tym)
  104. Dale, Dick_Calling Up Spirits (BBQ)
  105. Danger Cakes_Dessert First (Deep Eddy)
  106. De Cea, Arno & the Clockwork Wizards_Surf It Up! (Arno De Cea)
  107. Deadlies_A Very Deadly Christmas! (Deadlies)
  108. Deadlies_Meet the Deadlies (Deadlies)
  109. Deadlies_The Deadlies Go To Nashville (Diamond Zephyr)
  110. Del Rios_EP (Del Rios)
  111. Destination- Earth!_Adventures in Newspace (Gelatinous Productions)
  112. Destination- Earth!_Play the Hits of the Future (Gelatinous Productions)
  113. Destination- Earth!_Trapped In Hyperspace With ... (Gelatinous Productions)
  114. Detonators_Demo (Detonators)
  115. Dexter, Levi & Steve Hooker_Rockabilly Dolls (1000’s Records)
  116. Diddley, Sir Bald and his Wig Outs_Pie-Go-Mania! (Alopiecia)
  117. Dillengers_Instro-Mania (Favored Nations)
  118. Dizzy Elmer_This Bad Dog (Texas Squid)
  119. Domino Kings_Lonesome Highway (Domino Kings)
  120. Don’t Fear the Reverb_Audio Demo (Don't Fear the Reverb)
  121. Dr. Snout & His Hogs of Rhythm_Supermurgitroid (Goofin')
  122. Dragstrip 77_Sin City Hotrods (Dionysus)
  123. Dughi, Buddy_Hot Rod Surf (Golly Gee)
  124. Dynamic Subarashii_The Dynamic Subarashii (Dynamic Subarashii)
  125. East Coast Tremors_EP Collection 2004-2005 (Reverb-O-Phonic)
  126. Engler, Jerry_Love Stories (Songwriters Advocate)
  127. Engler, Jerry_Rock & Roll Roots (Jerry Engler)
  128. Engler, Jerry_Up and Over the Hill (Jerry Engler)
  129. Engler, Jerry_Wake Me (Jerry Engler)
  130. Estrume'n'tal_Space'n'tal (Estrume'n'tal)
  131. Exotic Guitars_All Time Hits (Ranwood)
  132. Exotics_Go Go Guitars (Tiki Tone)
  133. Exotics_Lost Album (Tiki Tone)
  134. Falco’s Panther Burns, Tav_Return of the Blue Panther (Triple X)
  135. Fankhauser, Merrell_Best of … 2 CD (Gonzo)
  136. Fankhauser, Merrell_Return to Mu (Sundazed)
  137. Fankhauser, Merrell_Signals From Malibu (Ocean)
  138. Fankhauser, Merrell (Fapardokly)_’Tomorrows Girl’ (Merrell Fankhauser)
  139. Fankhauser, Merrell_'Poquito Loquita'_'Star Spangled Banner' (Ocean)
  140. Fankhauser Cassidy Band_Stolen Guitar Blues (JKS-World)
  141. Fin-dicators_Surfin' The Seven (Fin-dicators)
  142. Flat Duo Jets_Introducing (Norton)
  143. Flat Duo Jets_Lucky Eye (Outpost)
  144. Flores, Rosie_Speed of Sound (Eminent)
  145. Foul, Al_The One, The Only (Rock N Roll Purgatory)
  146. Found Cats_Full Gospel Rockabilly (Golly Gee)
  147. Footstompin’ Trio_[Self-Titled] (Double Crown
  148. Fradkin, Les & Get Wet_A Day at the Beach (RRO)
  149. Frantics_The Complete Frantics On Dolton (Collector's Choice (EMI)
  150. Galaxy Trio_In the Harem (Estrus)
  151. Galaxy Trio_Saucers Over Vegas (Estrus)
  152. Gein and the Graverobbers_Songs in the Key of Evil (Necro-Tone)
  153. Ghost Man & Sand Man_A Bowl of Secret Water
  154. Goggle-A_Dendeke Rock Combo (Sazanami)
  155. Graveside Rockers_[Self-titled Demo] (Graveside Rockers)
  156. Gun Club_Miami (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  157. Hazze One Line_Guitar Expressions (Carelia)
  158. Heat, Reverend Horton_It's Martini Time (Interscope)
  159. Heat, Reverend Horton_Space Heater (Interscope)
  160. Heavies_Promo CD (Heavies)
  161. Hell, Eve and the Razors_When the Lights Go Out (Hell-Fi)
  162. Hellecasters_Essential Listening, Vol. 1 (HighTone)
  163. Hexxers_Freaks With the Savage Beat (Golly Gee)
  164. Hi-Fi & the Roadburners_Wine, Women and Sin (Victory)
  165. High Rollers_Hung Over (Rock N Roll Purgatory)
  166. HJ_HJ (HJ Tones)
  167. Hoax_Sound Like This (Atlantic)
  168. Holden, Randy_Early Works '64-'66 (Captain Trip)
  169. Hooker, Steve_Duende Blues (Pimphouse)
  170. Hooker, Steve_No More No Less! - The Best of the Rest from the Vaults (Steve Hooker)
  171. Hooker, Steve_Punk Rock 'n' Roll - The Boots That Time Forgot (Steve Hooker)
  172. Hooker, Steve_Smokin' Guitar (Pimphouse)
  173. Hooker, Steve_Southchurch Style (Steve Hooker)
  174. Hooker, Steve Rumble_Blue Rumble (Steve Hooker)
  175. Hooker, Steve Shakers_In The Land Of 1000 Dances (Steve Hooker)
  176. Hot Rocks_Rockabilly Sauce (SFAX)
  177. Hot Rod Lincoln_Astronaut Girl (Hot Rod Lincoln)
  178. Hot Rod Trio_Live! (Golly Gee)
  179. Hula Hoop_Live It Up! (Hula Hoop)
  180. Iguanas_Jumpin' With The Iguans (Desirable Discs)
  181. Impala_R & B Favorites (Estrus)
  182. Impala_Square Jungle (Estrus)
  183. Infrareds_The Infrareds (Infrareds)
  184. Insanitizers_Whimsical Surf (Insanitizers) [with Wild Surf Guitars EP]
  185. Instramentaclees_Music To Swing By (Cat Erratic)
  186. J. Tex_Misery (Heptown)
  187. J. Tex and the Volunteers_One of These Days (Heptown)
  188. James, Colin and the Little Big Band_[Self-titled] (Virgin)
  189. Jets, Los_40 Aniversario (H.M.R.)
  190. Jets, Los_Live in Concert (October 1, 2005) (H.M.R.)
  191. Jets, Los_Live in England (March 27, 2005) (H.M.R.)
  192. Jonny and the Shamen_Adventures in Espionage (Turducken)
  193. Jonny and the Shamen_Operation: Twang! (Loch Ness)
  194. Justice, Rory_The Rockabilly Kid (Golly Gee)
  195. Kelly, Bob_1954-1959 Rockabilly (Libra)
  196. Kill, Baby... Kill!_Corridor X (Deep Eddy)
  197. Killer Filler_Filler Up! (NDM)
  198. King, Sid and the Five Strings_Rockin' on the Radio (Schoolkids')
  199. Knights_In Progression (Lance)
  200. Knights_Surfin' the Web (Lance)
  201. Knox, Buddy_The Best of Buddy Knox (Rhino)
  202. Last Call Brawlers_Last Call Brawlers (Rock 'n' Roll Purgatory)
  203. Legendary Hucklebucks_Rattle All Night Long and Shake You! (Rock & Roll Purgatory)
  204. Legendary Shack Shakers_Cockadoodledon't (Bloodshot)
  205. Lindner, Michael_Cocktail Napkin (Alleyone Music)
  206. Love, Kenny & the Rock-er-Fellas_Arizona Tuff Country (Kat Claw)
  207. Love, Kenny & the Rock-er-Fellas_Rock-a-Billy Swing Thing (Kat Claw)
  208. Marauders_Midnight Rythm (Rock N Roll Purgatory)
  209. Marks, Danny_Guitarchaeology (Danny Marks)
  210. Marketts_Out of Limits (Sundazed)
  211. McCulloch, Zoe_Girls With Guitars (Mustang Music)
  212. McCulloch, Zoe_Never Give Up Never Give In (Mustang Music)
  213. McCulloch, Zoe_With Love (Mustang Music)
  214. Metrolites_In Spy-Fi (Go-Go- Golem)
  215. Mister Neutron_Mister Neutron Loves You (Deep Eddy)
  216. Mister Neutron_Nor'easter (Deep Eddy)
  217. Mister Neutron_Red Triangle (Deep Eddy)
  218. Moe Green Specials_The Moe Greene Specials (Green Cookie)
  219. Mofos_Supercharged on Alcohol (Hell Beach)
  220. Mr. Bonz_One Man Band (Bamboo)
  221. Muddy Waters_The Best of Muddy Waters (MCA)
  222. Mulchmen_Greetings! From Planet Stupider (Big Beef)
  223. Mulchmen_Louder Than Dirt, Thicker Than Mud! (Big Beef)
  224. Myers, Dave and the Surftones_Hangin' Twenty! (Del-Fi)
  225. Mysterons_Wiki Wiki (Mysterons)
  226. Mystic Surfers_Back in the 60s (Ocean)
  227. Neanderthals_Modern Stone-Age Family (Sundazed)
  228. Neva River Rockets_Rockets' Roll (TCY)
  229. Nine Lives_Common Trap (Black Dog)
  230. Nocturnes_Back to the Beach (Surf Duck)
  231. Nosey Joe & The Poolkings_Tunes From The Bighouse (Heptown)
  232. NovaRays_A Date With ... (NovaRays)
  233. Omar With the Wavespies Surf Band_Radio Promo (Ocean)
  234. One Night Standards_Octane (Drunk Monkey With A Revolver)
  235. Orques, Les_Antipathy4God (Les Orques)
  236. Orques, Les_Les Orques (Les Orques)
  237. Other TimeLines_[Self-titled] (Double Crown)
  238. Pavlov's Woody_Abstract Adventures (Neat Guy)
  239. Pavlov's Woody_Castaway Motel (Neat Guy)
  240. Pavlov's Woody_Instrumentality (Neat Guy)
  241. Pavlov's Woody_They Came from Beneath the Surf (Neat Guy)
  242. Penetrators_Kings of the High-Speed Weekend (Southern Surf Syndicate)
  243. Perkins, Carl_Best of Carl Perkins (Curb)
  244. Phantom Surfers_The Exciting Sounds of Model Road Racing (Lookout)
  245. Phantom Surfers_The Great Surf Crash of '97 (Lookout)
  246. Phantomatics_She Left Her Brain at the Drive-In (Deep Eddy)
  247. Planet Creep_Self Service (Planet Creep)
  248. Polecats_Not Nervous! (NV)
  249. Pollo del Mar_The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (MuSick_POP)
  250. Poppa D and the Aggravators_Long Hard Road (Back Door Entertainment_Blue Dawg)
  251. Powers, Johnny_New Spark (for an Old Flame) (Schoolkids)
  252. Powers, Johnny_Rockabilly Blast - Live (Over-Eazy_Jet-Eye)
  253. Pozor Vlak_Shell Beach (Fuzz N Surf)
  254. Presley, Elvis_Elvis Raw - Early Live Recording, March 19, 1955 (Outwest)
  255. Rat Holic_Wipe Out With Rat Holic (Double Crown)
  256. Ready Men_Get Ready!! (Norton)
  257. Recruders_Best You Ever Fragranced (mo35x)
  258. Recruders_Recruders Stew (mo35x)
  259. Red Planets_Chases Lead to Crashes (SoupboneSongs)
  260. Retroliners_Subway Surfing (Golly Gee)
  261. Retroliners_Surf Avenue (Golly Gee)
  262. Rocket 350_Built to Last (Rock N Roll Purgatory)
  263. Rockin' 8 Balls_Eight Balls O' Fire (Goofin')
  264. Rockin' Ryan & the Real Goners_Caged Heat (Golly Gee)
  265. Rockin' Ryan & the Real Goners_Live and Lowdown (Golly Gee)
  266. Romancers_The Slauson Shuffle (Del-Fi)
  267. Ronnie & the Pomona Casuals_Everybody Jerk (Del-Fi)
  268. Rosas, Cesar_Soul Disguise (Rykodisc)
  269. Rounds, Jamie_4 Great Car Tunes! + Bonus Disc (Bristol Music Co.)
  270. Royal Fingers_Wild Eleki Deluxe (Del-Fi)
  271. Rubens & The Barrichellos_Gran Turismo (One Million Dollar)
  272. Sadies_Stories Often Told (Yep Roc)
  273. Sandblasters_Cactus Stingray (Wildebeest)
  274. Sea Turtles_Head Above Water (Sea Turtles)
  275. Shadows_The Shadows & The Ventures Back 2 Back Hits (EMI)
  276. Sharkskins_The Sharkskins (Sharkskins)
  277. Shig & Buzz_Double Diamonds (Mai Tai)
  278. Shine Eye_Mocking Bird / Steel Sedan (Steve Hooker)
  279. Silencers_Cyclerific Sounds (Total Energy)
  280. Silencers_Powered by Twang (Total Energy)
  281. Silver Bullets_Out at Least (Goofin')
  282. Silver Surfer_Mexican Surf and Roll (Silver Surfer)
  283. Small, Gary & The Coyote Bros._I Don’t Play By The Rules (Medicine Tail Music)
  284. Snakebite_Hot, Hard & Wild (Old-Rock)
  285. Soda Pop Spys_[Self-titled] (Deep Eddy)
  286. Space Cadets_Astrobilly Rockin' (Vinyl Japan)
  287. Space Hobos_HoboCop (One Million Dollar)
  288. Space Party_Invasion of the Surfer-Men! 6 song EP
  289. Spacemen_In the Wild West (Rainbow Music)
  290. Special Agents_... Play 'Serfbeat' (Vitaminic)
  291. Speed Crazy_Chicken Fried Valentine EP (Slow 'n' Sober Music)
  292. Speed Devils_[Self-titled] (Cacophone)
  293. Spo-Dee-O-Dee_Gotta Have It (On the Hill)
  294. Spoils_Have A Drink With ... (Deep Eddy)
  295. Gary Sredzienski & the Serfs_Cruisin’ the Creek (Bellows Music)
  296. Still Young & Beautiful_Still Alive [+2 CD-Rs: Recovered; Ultimate Bootleg] (Still Young & Beautiful)
  297. Stingers_Rockabilly Trash (Standard Service)
  298. Stockmen_Blow-Out (Old-Rock)
  299. Straight 8s_Casualties of Cool (Rock N Roll Purgatory)
  300. Los Straitjackets_What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and … Los Straitjackets (Yep Roc)
  301. StratoGeezer_Get Off My Lawn! (StratoGeezer)
  302. Stray Cats_Greatest Hits (Curb)
  303. Stray Cats_Rock This Town [2 CD live] (Receiver)
  304. Sub-Mersians_Musical History 1994-1998 (Sub-Mersians)
  305. Sump Pump Monkeys_Destroy the Waves! (Cerebral Laboratories)
  306. Supertones_Cinema Surf (Golly Gee)
  307. Supertones_Original Music 1989-2003 (Golly Gee)
  308. Supertones_Surf Fever 2000 (Golly Gee)
  309. Supertones_The Supertones Are Go! (Golly Gee)
  310. Surf Teens_Surf Mania (Bacchus Archives)
  311. Surfana_Whatever (Participation Trophy)
  312. Surfin' Gorillas_The New Adventures of ... (Part)
  313. Swallow, Jerry_Teleride (Jerry Swallow)
  314. Sweet Emma and the Mood Swingers_Turn It up! (Heptown)
  315. TarantinosNYC_Super Sounds of the Cinema (A Band Together)
  316. TarantinosNYC_Surfin' the Silver Screen (A Band Together)
  317. Taylor, Vernon_Daddy's Rockin' (Run Wild)
  318. Tequila Worms_Cantina (Tequila Worms)
  319. Thomas Four_Making Waves (Thomas Four)
  320. Three Amigos (Eduardo Bartrina, Brian “Licorice” Locking, Roland Sigfried)_Where Were We (H.M.R.)
  321. Three Bad Jacks_Three Bad Jacks (Boston Krown)
  322. Unkool Hillbillies_Right to Rumble! (Yodeler)
  323. Untamed_Delicious Death (Heptown)
  324. Untamed_Strange Unknown (Heptown)
  325. Us (Da North Shore Surf Band_Dance on the Water (DaKine Music)
  326. Us (Da North Shore Surf Band_Too Busy Surfing (DaKine Music)
  327. Ventures_Surfing (GNP - Crescendo)
  328. Vincent, Gene_Am I That Easy to Forget (Charly)
  329. Vincent, Gene_The E.P. Collection (See for Miles)
  330. Vultures_Surfing (Eerie)
  331. Washboard Wilma & the Unkool Hillbillies_Toe Tappin' Tunes (Yodeler)
  332. Way Out West_Evolution (Kamikaze)
  333. While My Guitar Gently Weeps_A Tribute to Agents (Twangsville Productions)
  334. Wills, Bert_Mr. Politician (GoldRhyme)
  335. Wipeouters_P’Twaaang!!! (Casual Tonalities)

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