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Permalink Input Needed: Eastwood Sidejack Pro DLX or DiPinto Galaxy Safari (w Jazzmaster pickups)?

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I'm looking for a weirdo-looking guitar with Jazzmaster features. Can anyone provide any input on either of these guitars, neither of which I can test out locally?

The specific specs I want are a Jazzmaster style bridge (I like more fine control than a Wilkinson and more warble than a Bisby), a modern maple 25.5" neck, and pickups that can cover surf to Dinosaur Jr.

DiPinto Mach IV seems to fit your expectations. I owned one for a while. Mine came with push-pull switch to select between single coil and humbucker operation of the bridge pickup(s). At the bridge were 2 closely adjacent single coils, and you could choose the 2 in series (humbucker) or just one (single coil). Scale was 25.5" and vibrato was JM type. The body was offset, large and white, and audiences praised its appearance.

Not all Mach IV guitars have a vibrato and not all have the push-pull switch.

(Eventually its heaviness and large size dissuaded me from playing it so I sold it).

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Jan 01, 2021 17:51:31

Thanks for the input! I had considered those and thought the Eastwood version might work better for me at 7.5 pounds with a much shorter build time. Those Galaxie 4's look amazing, though it is a bit of a bummer I'd lose the cool 4 thin single coil look if I added JM pickups.

How well did your Mach IV stay in tune with the vibrato?

I had one Eastwood and thought it was absolutely terrible - the cheapest generic parts and just did not work well. Reissues in body shape only. I know some people like them. Also, they use such standardised parts that they just end up looking like every other guitar out there whereas the DiPintos look much more individual IMO. There's a Safari 2s on Reverb at the moment.

I can't tell much about the Sidejack Deluxe Pro models (I learned that they had a 25,5" scale yesterday after I read your thread and checked the model) - but I have the older Sidejack deluxe (24,75" scale) - and while it needed some love (fret-job) in the beginning (bought it used) and some goodies (I personally wanted) to further improve the appearance: Mosrite style Kluson tuners, open chrome P90 pickup-frames - and the latest addition has been a Göldo DG Offset Vibrato - I'm very happy with it!
The stock vibrato worked well. I put the arm of my Japanese Jag in there and it worked perfectly - nothing loose etc. - I didn't like the bend of the stock arm - and gave it to a friend and his J Mascis Squier because it came without an arm - works fine there - so this is a bit of a hit and miss thing... The stock Roller bridge works fine - I had a Schaller Roller Bridge laying around but I saw no need in changing it - actually in changing them both - I was just damn curious about the DG Vibrato!
The pickups are absolutely sweet! Sure cheap but they sound excellent! Can't say what they changed on the new models but mine are very twangy and have the power to really sound good with Fuzz or distortion too! (So Surf + Dinosaur Jr - probably yes, for sure!)

If you want to go highest possible quality at not so much more money make sure to look into Hallmark guitars too! I don't know if they offer 25,5" too - but they got a really good reputation!

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ReefBreak wrote:

How well did your Mach IV stay in tune with the vibrato?

It stayed in tune very well. I found the Mach IV neck uncomfortably thick, so I thinned it using a moto-tool and sandpaper. Then I applied a tung oil finish. The neck then felt great and the guitar continued to stay in tune well. To put the neck size in perspective, I wear large men's gloves; my hands are not small but also not huge.

The Insanitizers!

DiPinto 100%. He can do awesome custom stuff for a really fair price

Beautiful guitar MayTheFuzzBeWithYou!

Thanks everyone. I went with a Dipinto Galaxie and will post pics once it arrives. Can't wait for my first non-hardtail guitar in a decade, which has a few extras!

I love the idea of the Sidejack Pro, but there were too many reviews that stated the guitar just didn't sound as good as it looked, though some sound great! DiPinto guitars receive universal praise and you can mix and match several colors and lots of pickguards for the same price as a Sidejack Pro.

Last edited: Jan 12, 2021 13:21:03

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