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Permalink "Space Force" album reviews, including Pipeline Magazine Dec. 2020

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Review of The Insanitizers' “Space Force” album, Pipeline Magazine
issue #117 (Winter 2020)

The album is aptly titled indeed as these space-flavored instrumentals are delivered with great intensity featuring busy upfront guitar work dominating the soundstage throughout. Following in the footsteps of the racy title track the first five numbers are all uptempo pieces full of space/spooky fire and energy. Not that the sixth, “Ray Gun Ranger,” lacks passion or power as its irresistible mid-tempo bass pattern underpins some great moody space guitar sounds. It’s a real winner that comes across like a powered-up bastard son of “Out of Limits.” Yeah, it’s that good.

Another that stands out is the uptempo “Weightless Scramble” as its cleanly echoed guitar storms through a ’60s European-style racer. “Conundrum” is also more Euro influenced and both of these two come in at just under two minutes to leave you wanting more — but sensibly not giving it. “Space Trip” then takes us back on a, er, space trip with plenty of variation in guitar sounds delivering its “Flight of the Bumblebee-” style theme. Deeply echoed twang proudly leads “Victory in Space” before “The Challenge” winds things up with hints of “Star Wars” courtesy of Conrad’s processed guitars. Neatly presented in a glossy digipak...

(This album appears on the Editors’ top ten Playlist).

At and
and on all streaming services including Pandora

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Jan 19, 2021 20:34:55

Review of "Space Force" by the Insanitizers from "":

"To those accustomed to the standard loadout of surf hardware, The Insanitizers might sound a little insane. A lot of the effects that traditional surf groups might consider as novelty are happily employed by them, and perhaps more so on their new space-themed album than ever. I like hearing this band going full nutso -- even if a sound has lost its initial impact, they get into occasional spots that make you think "what the hell was that?" And I think that's a good thing. Importantly, this is not a psych/experimental album sneaking into the surf tent; underneath the swirling haze is either surf guitar or at least guitar instrumentals structured for surf and aiming for a surf ear with clear melodic drive."

I am glad he enjoyed the melodies, underlying surf guitar approach, sense of humor, unusual textures and surprises.

The Insanitizers!

Review of The Insanitizers "Space Force" album by Continental Magazine Dec. 2020:

"...They've developed a reputation for coming up with songs that show off impressive musicianship. Their music is rooted in modern surf music, but they definitely take it to the far reaches of the genre. The title of this is apt, as the songs sound like they could have come from space. The drum patterns are actually quite complex throughout, so a lot of work has been put into the drums on this recording. If you are looking for guitar instrumentals from the edge, with a modern, and at times whimsical sound, this disc will be right up your alley."

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Dec 30, 2020 22:50:35

Congrats on the nice review! Alan and his crew are great people! Will give the album a listen this weekend.


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New (today) additional review of The Insanitizers' "Space Force" album on "", cited as a standout contender for "Mad Album of the Year":

"Insanitizers have always played pretty loose with the idea of surf music, sometimes adopting hints of surftone but often playing in a completely different mess of pedals. Maybe you would hear some similarities to Joe Meek, but I think they drew just as much inspiration from video tapes left out in the sun. This is truly the most warped I've heard from them, and I'm glad they went for it. You won't find any sweet ballads, just tripped out, maybe even a little overbearing guitar ravings that remind me sometimes of a mad church organist. The robotically propulsive drums are a key part too -- pushing you further into madness as if grabbed by the shoulders."

The Insanitizers!

Five bonus tracks for MP3 download were added today to for the Space Force album. They update these songs: Space Force, The Arrival of Doctor Space, Exotic Planet, Spacedrunk, and Galactic Tide. These bonus tracks are included at no extra cost in the entire album (as MP3 downloads, not on CD).

Why add these? Because: we can, we record for fun, we consider what fans write, the updates are liked, and doing this may be distinctive.

These bonus tracks are available to past and future album purchasers but their listing is not visible to viewers who have not yet bought this album.

The Insanitizers!

Last edited: Oct 30, 2021 17:59:26

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