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Permalink Record guitar sales for Fender this year

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I stumbled on an article that says due to the pandemic, Fender is making record sales this year. It'll be interesting too see if this translates into a new wave of guitarists or good buying opportunities on the used guitar market once this pandemic passes...

Refreshing news for Fender. Their situation is in contrast with a lot in the guitar community in this pandemic.
Guitar Center is in (another) bankruptcy. Nashville gigs in particular and touring in general have shut down. As an example, Marty Stuart has been doing solo acts (i.e. no Superlatives band). There probably isn't a gig around to support his band to tour.
The Ventures cancelled their usual summer Japan tour this year. That has to be tough on Bob Spalding who bought the Ventures "brand" a few years back.
Most of the big vintage guitar shows were all cancelled this year. I could go on and on.

So - maybe American guitarists are just hunkered down and "woodshedding" or fixing up their rig(s). I'm doing both - just to keep busy.

I've also noticed that bargains are fewer on the used gear market.. but I got a few amps and guitars this year - all at sensible prices. Before this pandemic, I used to get 20+ or so screens of items at auction on EBAY.. -now it's about half that number - and it's mostly junk or overpriced junk.

My observations
J Mo'

Last edited: Nov 14, 2020 20:50:23

AARP article on older Americans learning to play guitar during pandemic.

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