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Freevibration: yamaha SGV
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Permalink Blender Control Diagram for the Jazzmaster?

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Hi All

My apologies if this is already here somewhere, I did a search but couldn't find it. I want to turn my tone pot into a blender control that when I'm in the middle position will blend in the front pup as much as want of it. I have a blend control on my Strat (and Tele) and love it and would like the same for my Jazzmaster is possible (but the wiring is quite tricky). I've two volume controls, one for each pup which is good but then I lose my master volume which I'm loathe to do. I guess the other option is to turn the Rhythm circuit into a 2 x volume control.
Thanks elwrongo

Last edited: Sep 14, 2020 10:02:46

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