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Permalink NGD: Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster in Tropical Turquoise

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I've always been fond of the Stratocaster, although many seem to have come and gone over the years.
I've never sold one because I didn't like it but usually to raise cash, for another purchase.
I've had Deluxes, an Elite, metallic sparkle and even a surf green, with matching headstock.
But yet again, I found myself without one and the urge to put that right.
So this morning I went out to one of my favourite shops, to try a bunch out.
Tried an all rosewood neck American Proffessional, an all white American Performer, a 2nd hand Elite and even a Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid, which I actually really liked, although in looks, tone and playability, I think just shouted Country.
I don't think I tried a baddun, although there was quite a variety and difference in all of them.
But the Strat that really got my attention was a Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster in Tropical Turquoise.
It was 2nd hand (2018) but in mint condition, I guess the previous owner was either a collector or a bedroom guitarist.
Overall the guitar has a simple, fairly plain aesthetic, which I find appealing.
It's 2 nods to glamour, being it's bound neck, fairly unusual on a Strat. and specially engraved neck plate
The Light two-piece alder body with deep 1957-style body contours and cavities comes in "Tropical Turquoise", being more like Daphne blue but darker and deeper in tone.
Couldn't see much evidence of actual turquoise.
Perhaps the green gets sucked out, in the tropics.
The "soft V" neck is seriously comfortable, as are the rounded binding and 12” radius fretboard.
These really helped sell the guitar.
But what elevated this model above all the others I played today, were the Special Eric Johnson single-coil pickups with countersunk screws.
A very balanced, thick, strong tone, yet still very stratty.
Even the very vintage trem system is nicely smooth and useable.
The guitar comes with cool accessories, including a Deluxe Blonde Hardshell case, with Brown Ends and Gold Interior, a Levy's; Woven Strap, a 15' Koil Kords white Cable and an "Ash Tray" Bridge Cover.
A cool, classy strat, for many different occasions, including of course some instro-surf.
Soon as I got it home, I hooked up 2 delay pedals and some spring reverb and dripped and splashed through some lovely surf tunes.


That is a very good looking Strat. I think the bound neck is such a striking addition to the look. And the color is just radiant. And good 'ol Eric Johnson. I love that you can generally identify his playing by the time he's played like 5 notes.

So... Floyd Rose?

Congratulations! I have one of the first run EJ strats in sunburst, with the maple neck. It is the best strat that I've ever played. Pure magic! The wood resonates like no other guitar that I've played. I've thought about getting on e of the rosewood EJ's, either in your finish, or in the aqua fire mist (darker bluesish-green). Have fun with this beautiful axe!


Congrats! I really like that color. Thumbs Up

Guitar player for The Driptones surf band.

I was told once that the Eric Johnson strat is as close to a Fender custom shop strat in quality than any other non custom shop. Enjoy it!!

"It's been a strange day. First I find a hat full of money then I was chased by an angry man with a guitar"


The Kahuna Kings

Congrats and welcome to the EJ club! I've got one in Lucerne Aqua Firemist and totally dig it. I've also got an EJ Thinline which is excellent as well.

A very nice acquisition!

A truly GORGEOUS Strat! Congratulations! EJ and Fender definitely got this model right!

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Thanks guys.
Really loving this baby,
Already written a cool surfin' tune on it. Cool

It’s a beauty! One of my favorite Artist models and this color is gorgeous!

Waikiki Makaki surf-rock band from Ukraine

Yeah, that's sharp! My kid has one in Palomino Brown. The best playing and sounding production Strat I have ever had my hands on.

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